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Portland Electric Building, room 621

Interior photograph of room 621 in the Portland Electric Building, showing electric meters and phone system. Two desks can be seen, as well as a clock and ceiling light. A board on the far wall shows station and substations names. Building located at 621 Southwest Alder street in Portland.

Men on phones in office

Photograph showing two suited men sitting at a desk while speaking on telephones. Both men look down towards the desk, which holds pieces of equipment. Behind the individuals are wall mounted electrical units, other pieces of wooden furniture, and a calendar from "Leonard"s Food Center." On the negative is written "49-46."

Earl Snell, using telephone

Three-quarters portrait of Earl Snell seated at a table and using a telephone. He is leaning on one elbow and has his other hand on his hip. He is looking to the right and is wearing a suit and tie. The photograph was probably taken when Snell was serving as either speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives or as Oregon secretary of state. Image note: The name “Earl Snell” and the number 3 are written on the negative and are visible at the bottom of the image.


Half-length portrait of a man facing to the left and looking toward the front. He is wearing glasses, a suit jacket and vest, a collared shirt, and a tie. The name “Sokolsky” is written on the negative and is visible at the bottom of the image.

Charles F. Walker? sitting at desk and holding telephone receiver

Half-length portrait of a man sitting at a desk and facing slightly left. He is holding a telephone receiver to his ear with one hand, and is poised to write with his other hand. He is wearing a suit jacket and vest, a collared shirt, and a tie. The man is unidentified but may be Charles F. Walker, president of the Northwestern School of Commerce in Portland.

Crime scene at Portland home of murder victim Simon Mish?

Photograph showing a telephone table in the corner of a room. The table and nearby wall molding are covered with what appears to be blood. A framed photograph is hanging on the wall next to the telephone. The photograph may have been taken at the Northeast Portland home of Simon Mish, age 70, who was murdered there and found dead in his yard on December 12, 1934. The wallpaper in this photograph appears to be the same as in image No. 371N3516, showing Mish’s dining room, where he was killed. John Joseph Osbourne, a Portland special police officer, was convicted of Mish’s killing.

Hugo Sonnenschein of Meier & Frank, using telephone

Half-length portrait of a smiling man, Hugo Sonnenschein, seated at a desk and holding a telephone receiver. In a story headlined “Sonnenschein Assumed High Post in Store,” published on Page 4 of the April 30, 1935 edition, the Oregon Journal reported that Sonnenschein would succeed P. J. MacAuley as sales promotion and advertising manager of the Meier & Frank Co. See related image No. 371A1661, of MacAuley, and No. 372A0544, which was published with the Journal’s story. Image note: The name “Sonnenschein” is written on the negative and is visible at the bottom of the image.