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Snow-covered street and yard in front of mortuary

Photograph showing a snow-covered street, lawn, and trees outside a mortuary. Next to the walkway leading to the building’s entrance are two signs reading “OFFICE” and “CREMATORIUM.” The mortuary and location are unidentified. Image note: Photograph shows discoloration due to deterioration of the negative.

George L. Baker, Charles Wakefield Cadman, and Frank C. Riggs in snow at Union Station, Portland

Photograph of (from left) Portland Mayor George L. Baker, composer Charles Wakefield Cadman, and Rose Festival association president Frank C. Riggs standing in ankle-deep snow outside Union Station in Portland on January 20, 1927. That day, a cropped version of this photograph, along with image No. 371N0394, was published on Page 18 of the Oregon Journal. The photographs were published under the headline “Getting Ready for June’s Roses.” This photograph had the following caption: “Charles Wakefield Cadman, composer of ‘Rosaria,’ arrives to confer with Rose Festival board on coming pageant. Above—F. C. Riggs, president of festival association, Wakefield and Mayor Baker revel in snow in front of Union station.” The photograph accompanied a story, headlined “Composer Here to Work on Rose Festival Music,” which reported that Cadman was serving as director general of the 1927 festival pageant. See additional related image Nos. 371N0136 and 371N0393.

Children sledding on street

Photograph of unidentified children sledding down a residential street. In the background, a crowd of people is watching. Image note: Negative is damaged and shows discoloration due to deterioration. Light leak on negative.

Person splashing into outdoor pool on winter day

Photograph of an unidentified person splashing into an outdoor pool from a trail. The ground and trees are covered with snow. A second unidentified person is standing on the trail, watching. The photograph may have been taken at the Swim Resort near Government Camp, Oregon. The resort was also known as the Mount Hood Mineral Springs. Also see image Nos. 374N0489 and 374N0551.

Sledders on toboggan run

Photograph of three unidentified people riding a sled down an elevated track, probably the toboggan run at the Battle Axe Inn in Government Camp, Oregon. The ground and trees on either side of the run are covered in snow.

Leif Flak on skis

Photograph of a man, probably Leif Flak of the Seattle Ski Club, balancing on skis on a narrow track through a snowbank, probably on Mount Hood. The name “Leif Flek [sic]” and the number 4 are written on the negative and are visible on the right side of the image.

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