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Articles: 1. "The pine siskin, a detective story"; 2. "Black tar causes death to swallow"; 3. "Deer killed by autos"

Finley, Irene

Fairview station

Photograph of Fairview Station (Troutdale Division, Ducklane Rd., Gresham, Fairview Road), looking down a dirt road with hills and trees in the distance. At the left side of the road, three suited men stand under an electric line, and a car is parked on the roadside to the right with an open door.

Eastwood Station

Photograph of Eastwood Station, Mt. Hood Division, Baseline Road. A train track crosses a road, with a small wooden building on the ride side with “Eastwood” sign. A vehicle can be seen in the distance driving towards the camera.

Track work, Linneman Junction

Photograph at Linneman Junction, at Troutdale Division, Powell Valley Road. Railroad tracks can be seen on the left side of the frame. A car is parked next to a road and wooden building. Electric lines are visible throughout the image. “Fisk Core Tires” and “Union Gasoline” signs are visible.

Kendall Station

Photograph of Kendall station, Springwater Division, on 82nd Street. Viewed from between two railroad tracks, the small wooden station building with “Kendall” sign is next to a road and a large transmission line. The name “Geo. Smith Grocer” is written on the side of the larger building.

Watson Station

Photograph of Watson Station, Springwater Division, at 92nd Street. Looking down the dirt road, a railroad crossing can be seen in the distance, next to several wooden buildings. Electric lines can be seen along both sides of the road.

Gilbart Station

Photograph of Gilbart Station, Springwater Division, Bucklay Avenue. Taken at an intersection of two dirt roads, a railroad crossing can be seen across the road on the left. Two wooden houses are visible in the distance, as well as numerous electric lines.

Linnemann Junction station

Photograph of the Linnemann train station building, with a “American Express Co” sign. A set of railroad tracks runs along each side of the building, and a road is visible in the background. A wooden signal post stands next to a track.

Gresham Station and Substation

Exterior photograph of the wooden Gresham train station and brick substation. Two railroad tracks pass in front of the buildings. A signed with “American Express Co” is mounted on the wooden building, in addition to painted distances to Portland and Cazadero. On the left, a doorway leads to a signed “waiting room” area.

Gresham Depot

Photograph of Gresham railroad depot with shuttered windows. A dirt road passes in front of the depot, and other wooden building structures can be seen to the left and right. Electric lines are visible throughout the frame.

Broadway looking north from Salmon

Street scene photograph taken during the Portland Rose Festival from street level, looking north on SW Broadway from SW Salmon Street. In the distance, the Journal Building (now Jackson Tower) is visible on the right side of the street. Several signs are strung over the street, including for the “Orpheum Vaudeville,” “Hippodrome,” “Baker Theater,” and “Liberty Theater.” Automobiles line both sides of the street, and two street cars can be seen in the distance.

Broadway north from Electric Building

Street scene photograph taken during the Portland Rose Festival from a high vantage point from the Electric Building at 621 SW Alder Street, looking north. Street cars and automobiles are visible on the street. Signs for “Western Union Theater,” “Liberty Theater,” and “Bronson’s” are visible. Evergreen boughs are strung between streetlights, and two American flags hang at the front of the frame.

People next to road

Photograph showing a group of men in suits, and one woman, standing next to a paved road. On the right and left sides of the image are visible automobiles, and a wooden building and trees and be seen in the background. On the negative is written "49-44."

Road past house under construction in rural area

Photograph showing a road in the foreground and a house under construction in the background at right. The view of the house is partially obscured by trees in the front yard. The location is unidentified. See related image No. 371N5822. Also see the following images showing the same house and yard in various phases of construction and landscaping: 371N5793, 371N5794, 371N5796, 371N5798, 371N5806, 371N5809, 371N5811, 371N5812, 371N5813, 371N5817, 371N5823, 371N5824, 371N5825, 371N5826, 371N5834, 371N5835, 371N5836, 371N5837, 371N5838, 371N5845, 371N5846, 371N5847, 371N5848, 371N5849, 371N5850, 371N58451, 371N5852, and 377N0569.

Riverbank and road

Photograph of a road running parallel to a riverbank. The road is in the foreground and the river is visible in the background. Several plan,s are lying on the riverbank at an angle to the river. This image may be related to image No. 374N0477.

Road and bridges

Photograph of a paved road leading over a bridge. To the left, parallel to the road bridge, is a railroad bridge. The number 7 is written on the negative and is visible in the lower right corner of the image.

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