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Railroad tracks

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Railroad tracks

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Railroad tracks

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Horse car

Photograph showing a small horse street car, with “Columbia Land Improvement Co.” written on the side. The car sits on a track on a wooden platform. The photograph is a reproduction of a pinned image (pins can be seen on the frame) with the caption “Horse Car.”

Car #1359

Photograph of train car #1359, Standard Gauge Paye Motor Car, partway under a building facade. Multiple electric lines pass overhead. “Sellwood” is displayed at front of train.

Horse cars

Photograph showing multiple horse-drawn streets cars, shown in front of a building. People stand near the cars while looking at the camera, and at least one horse can be seen, attached to the first car. Written on the side of the cars is “W.B.BT Co.” The photograph is a reproduction of a pinned image (pins can be seen on the frame) with the caption “In the Old Street Car Days.”

Train #1404

Photograph showing train #1404, parked on tracks. On the side of the train is written “The Portland Railway Light & Power Co.” Stacks of pipes can be seen in the background on the left side of the frame.

Train car #309

Photograph showing train car #309 in front of a multi-story wooden building, with numerous tracks seen on the road in front of the car. Gated entrances are on the front and back of the car.

Observation train car

Photograph of a sightseeing car seen on a city street. On the car is written “Observation car ‘Seeing Portland’” and “Daily Washington and Fifth Streets.” On the right side of the image, a lighted sign for Hotel Del Majo can be seen.

Trolley and tracks with Sellwood car

Street scene with train and pedestrians. Signage on the train indicates “Sellwood” “East Moreland and Reed College” and a bridge appears in the background (potentially Hawthorne Bridge). Storefronts for business as hotels visible, such as “Hotel Wyoming” and “Palace Laundry”.

Bull Run, Little Sandy Dam construction

Photograph taken on railroad tracks, looking at tracks and a seated man in a small rail car. Wooden and gravel debris can be seen throughout the image, and a small wooden building can be seen at the left side of the frame on a hillside. Written on the negative is “0-338” and “July-3-1912.”

Bull Run, Little Sandy Dam flume

Photograph looking downward at a wooden flume and railway track built on a hillside. The wooden structure continues into the distance, where more tree covered hillsides can be seen. In the bottom left corner of the frame, a man is looking at the camera and leaning against a cushioned seat, likely on a railway car. Written on the negative is “0-337, July-3-1912, Bull Run Flume.”

Cottages at Three Lynx

Photograph showing cottages at Three Lynx taken from downhill and looking upward. A raised train track runs in front of the buildings. One building has smoke coming from a chimney (image note: negative sleeve title uses “Three Links”).

Oak Grove project, laying railroad tracks

Photograph showing workers laying wooden railroad ties during the construction of railroad tracks. A large piles of wood is visible on a train car, in front of which several pieces of the same wood are laid out on the ground. (Image note: negative sleeve indicates the location as “just below red rocks”).

Station E

Photograph showing the exterior of the Station E brick building in northwest Portland, near the intersection of NW 21st Avenue and NW Sherlock Avenue. A large smokestack is visible on the left side of the building, and railroad tracks pass through the foreground. In the distance, a man sits next to a small kiosk building.

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