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Racetracks (Automobile racing)

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Racetracks (Automobile racing)

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Racetracks (Automobile racing)

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Tsuboi Family Home Movie - "Portland Winter Scenes"

Tsuboi family home movie featuring footage of the Tsuboi family and the Portland area in the 1930s. Footage is in black-and-white.
00:00 - Trip to the River. Scenes of family fishing, cooking, and playing on the bank of a river. Also scenes of family in a rowboat.
03:01 - Scenes from a car race and air show. Cars race on a dirt track. Air show in which a person hangs beneath a flying plane and later stands on the wings. Airplane crashes into a wood building.
04:50 - Driving around Portland. Taken from the front seat of moving car.
05:16 - Parade with children in traditional clothing
05:26 - Snow Scenes. Geese, swans, and dog in snow. Driving through Downtown Portland in the snow. Broadway Bridge is lowered. Great Light Way is visible. Snow in the countryside.
08:32 - Blurry footage taken from the back of a moving train as the train travels through a snowy mountain pass.
10:32 - Scenes from a big parade in Portland. The parade has floats celebrating countries from around the world and one for Felix the Cat.

Tsuboi family