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New York (N.Y.)

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New York (N.Y.)

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View of green and Park East Synagogue, New York

Photograph showing a green and buildings on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York. The building at center, with a circular window and bulbous domes, is the Park East Synagogue. At the bottom of the image, children are seated on the grass and looking over a fence. Image note: Photograph shows discoloration due to deterioration of the negative.

Trip to eastern United States, 1927-1928

Overview of William and Irene Finley's trip to the eastern United States, including Finley's recent publication, "Wild Animal Pets", release of a film series, "Finley Nature Series", and series of lectures, "Camera Hunting on the Continental Divide" and "Cruising in B.C. and Alaska."

Finley, Irene

Russell, Nellie

Transcription from back: “Nellie Russell. Four K. Arnold Co. E 49th Reg Mass V. __ With all the good wishs imaginable from his friend Nellie K. Russell. Cleveland, Ohio.”

Dachocois & Klauser

Stevens, Major General Isaac Ingalls

Transcription from back: “Major General Isaac Ingalls Stevens. Pioneer of 1853 to Washington Territory from Washington, D. C. Surveyor and Statesman. Used in Bugles in the Valley, H. Dean Guie, p.3 2nd ed.”

E. & H.T. Anthony (Firm)

Smith, Eleanor J.

Transcription from back: “Eleanor J. Smith, aged 74 years, 1879. Reverend + Mrs. Wm. B. Less with sincere regards--Longwood, June 1882.”

W. Kurtz Studio (Photographer)

Smith, William Sidney

Transcription from back: “Diminished copy of a photograph taken 1869. Wm. Sidney Smith was at the time 73 years. To Rev. and Mrs. Lee from their friend Eleanor June Smith. June 1882.”

Alva Pearsall Studio (Photographer)

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