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Silver thaw, Grand Avenue

Photograph showing a Grand Avenue with a layer of snow and ice. Damaged utility poles and electric lines can be seen on the ground near the center of the frame. A truck and a group of people are gathered around the damaged pole, with other people visible further down the street. Above, numerous overlapping electric lines can be seen.

Car #1359

Photograph of train car #1359, Standard Gauge Paye Motor Car, partway under a building facade. Multiple electric lines pass overhead. “Sellwood” is displayed at front of train.

Gresham Station and Substation

Exterior photograph of the wooden Gresham train station and brick substation. Two railroad tracks pass in front of the buildings. A signed with “American Express Co” is mounted on the wooden building, in addition to painted distances to Portland and Cazadero. On the left, a doorway leads to a signed “waiting room” area.

Line Department, lineman on utility pole

Photograph taken from a side angle, showing a lineman at the top of a utility pole with a hard hat, harness, and tools. He is facing towards the pole, has a cigarette in his mouth, and is using a screwdriver in his right hand. Trees and a building can be seen in the background. Written on the negative is "53-116."

General car shops

Exterior photograph of brick building with multiple white doors. On the left is a paved street lined with power lines and poles, with two automobiles in the distance. An empty grass field is seen in front of the building doors.

Track work, Linneman Junction

Photograph at Linneman Junction, at Troutdale Division, Powell Valley Road. Railroad tracks can be seen on the left side of the frame. A car is parked next to a road and wooden building. Electric lines are visible throughout the image. “Fisk Core Tires” and “Union Gasoline” signs are visible.

Local freight office

Photograph of freight office and yard showing multiple industrial wooden buildings, a train, and a horse-drawn wagon. Railroad tracks pass in front of the buildings, and wooded hills can be seen in the distance. An automobile can be seen parked on the right side of the fright office building.

Local freight office

Photograph of freight office and yard showing multiple industrial wooden buildings and railroad tracks. At the top of the freight building “Portland Railway, Light & Power Co.” is written. A large number of electric lines are seen throughout the frame.

Industrial yard with electric lines

Photograph showing an industrial area with buildings, trains, and electric lines. In the middle of the frame, a dirt road can be seen curving to the right around a large pile of dirt. The utility poles feature multi-tier electric lines throughout the frame. Written on the negative is "50-507."

Line Department, linemen working on utility pole

Photograph showing two linemen working on a wooden utility pole, with harnesses, buckets and tools. The man closest to the camera is facing towards the pole and looking down towards the ground. Another lineman is visible in the background, also on a wooden utility pole. Electric lines and utility poles are visible throughout the image, with houses and trees in the background. Written on the negative is "53-116."

Piedmont car barns

Street view of Piedmont car barn building, showing two individuals in suits standing in front. A packed dirt street runs in front of the building, with a white wooden building seen on the right side. Numerous wooden poles and power lines can be seen throughout the image, as well as a wooden water tower in the distance.

Eastwood Station

Photograph of Eastwood Station, Mt. Hood Division, Baseline Road. A train track crosses a road, with a small wooden building on the ride side with “Eastwood” sign. A vehicle can be seen in the distance driving towards the camera.

Oaks Park ticket office

Photograph of the Oaks Park ticket office, a long wooden building with a slatted fence at the front. Tow ticket windows are visible, with “pay car fare here” written on signs. A large wooden promenade is at the front of the building, extending towards the photographer. Three decorative tree-shape electric lights are visible.

Silver thaw, Grand Avenue

Photograph showing a Grand Avenue with a layer of snow and ice. Damaged utility poles and electric lines can be seen in the center of the street, as well as the right side of the frame next to a decorative railing. Buildings with advertisements can be seen to either side of the street.

Silver thaw, East Glisan near East 39th Avenue

Photograph showing a group of people with a street car after a snow fall. The people are using tools and shovels to clear snow around the street car train, which is attached to an electric line above. On the side of the train is “P.R.L & P. Co.” Ice laden electric lines can be seen above and around the train, with buildings visible in the background.

Portland General Electric Photograph Collection

  • Org. Lot 151
  • Collection
  • 1880 - 1965

Negatives documenting company activities, including electrical infrastructure, employees, power generation and distribution throughout Portland, the Willamette Valley and the Oregon Cascade Range. Additional general images include streetcars and trains, street lighting, power line installation, Rose Festival floats, office buildings, car barns and bridges. Of particular note are dam building projects at Bull Run and along the Clackamas River (1910-1930), and early electric stations in Oregon City at Willamette Falls.

Portland General Electric Company

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