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Constance Smith made president of the Portland General Electric 50-50 Club

Photograph showing a smiling forward-facing woman holding decorative stick while pointed at a hand-made round poster board. The board is divided into sections and includes attached photographs and writing. On the right side of the frame are two small "Portland General Electric" logo decorations. Gifts can be seen on a high shelf above the woman, and a set table with flowers is in the foreground.

Group standing in front of map

Photograph showing two men in suits and two women in work attire standing in front of a large wall-mounted map of Portland. All the individuals face the camera, and appear to be standing in an office. Written on the negative is "50-443." (Image note: see related image PGE 50-445).

Street lighting at night

Photograph taken at night showing street lighting. Train cars can be seen on the left side of the image, while businesses line the street on the right. Signs for "Tualatin Shake Shop," and "Hanegan's Service." Automobiles are parked along the right side of the street. Written on the negative is "50-448."

Man cutting cake

Photograph showing a man in a suit and two women looking at the camera while standing next to a table. In front of the man is a cake in the shape of a book, which he is cutting with a knife. In the background, other individuals look towards the man cutting the cake. Written on the negative is "50-465." (Image note: see related images PGE 50-457, PGE 50-459).

Willamette river boat

Photograph looking towards to the west, showing a barge and tug boat on the Willamette River. The Hawthorne Bridge is visible to the right, and numerous buildings along the waterfront can be seen. Written on the negative is "50-471."

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