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Tsuboi Family Home Movie - "1931 Los Angeles"

Tsuboi family home movie, featuring a family trip to Los Angeles and Yosemite National Park in 1931. Footage is in black-and-white.
00:00 - Scenes of the Tsuboi family visiting the Mount Wilson Observatory in Los Angeles. There is snow on Mount Wilson.
01:28 - Scenes of Los Angeles, including a visit to Japanese Miniature Village
01:59 - Scenes of the Tsuboi family visiting a zoo and the Los Angeles Ostrich Farm.
02:59 - Members of the Tsuboi family pose on a rooftop overlooking Los Angeles City Hall. 04:08 - Scenes of the Tsuboi family in Los Angeles. Includes footage of family visiting a film studio, possibly Charlie Chaplin's movie studio. Brief shot of studio's cement slab featuring Chaplin's signature with the date, January 21, 1918.
07:36 - The Tsuboi family visits the Coliseum stadium in Los Angeles
08:08 - More Los Angeles scenes, including a visit to an orchard in a Ford automobile, the family laughing on a rooftop, and an ice hockey game
09:33 - Visit to Yosemite National Park
12:37 - Scenes from California visit

Tsuboi family

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