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Longview (Wash.)

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Longview (Wash.)

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Longview (Wash.)

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Hotel Monticello, Longview, Washington

Photograph of a long street with a median in Longview, Washington. Flowers, plants, and an American flag are displayed on the median. The Hotel Monticello is partially visible at the end of the street. Stamp on the back of the print for Arthur M. Prentiss, Commercial Photographer.

Prentiss, A. M. (Arthur M.)

Jefferson Square - Longview, Washington

Photograph of Jefferson Square, also known as R.A. Long Park, in Longview, Washington. Typed label on the back of the print reads, "A portion of Jefferson Square, the civic center of Longview, Washington and of the flower beds in adjoining blocks. Jefferson Square is a six-acre park in the heart of Longview on which only buildings of a monumental character may front. On this picture are shown the first two of these buildings - Hotel Monticello, a six-story structure of 200 rooms each with bath and the Longview Public Library, a gift to the city." Writing on the bottom of the print reads, "Z.B.2379."

Aerial View of the Long-Bell Lumber Company - Longview, Washington

Aerial photograph of the Long-Bell Lumber Company in Longview, Washington. Typed label on the back of the print reads, "Airplane view of the greatest lumber manufacturing plants in the world, the operations of the Long-Bell Lumber Company at Longview, Washington. The two units shown here are operating on double shifts, turning out 1,800,000 feet of lumber daily. Buildings of these units cover 78 acres with roofing. Between the two units is the power plant which has a capacity of 18,000 kilowatts. Its two stacks are each 300 feet high. On the Columbia river can be seen a portion of the 200 foot lumber export dock which was partially under construction when the picture was taken." Writing on the bottom of the print reads, "L.B.A.8."

Lake Sacajawea Park - Longview, Washington

Photograph of Lake Sacajawea in Longview, Washington. Typed label on the back of the print reads, "Perhaps nothing demonstrates the attention given beauty in the new city of Longview, Washington like Lake Sacajawea park, a portion of which is shown in this view. Three years ago, this was an over-grown pond. Now it has been dredged out, planted in lawns and flower beds and shrubs. It lies crescent-shaped, one and one-half miles long among the residential districts of Longview, encircled by paved boulevards. The Longview Community shurch (sic) is shown reflected in its waters."

Panoramic view of SP&S bus on road overlooking Columbia River

Panoramic photograph showing a bus operated by the Spokane, Portland & Seattle Railway, driving on a hillside road overlooking the Columbia River. Smokestacks are visible in a populated town on the other side of the river. The bus is likely on Highway 30 in Oregon and the town on the opposite bank of the Columbia River is likely Longview, Washington. An area of land on the Oregon side has been logged. Handwritten note on the back of the print reads, "Longview." Stamp on the back reads, "Photographs from A. J. Baker." Panorama is made up of 2 panels.

Baker, A. J. (Portland, Or.)