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Spokane, Portland, and Seattle Railway photographs Oregon, Central With digital objects English
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Construction at waterfall

Photograph showing a double tiered waterfall in a ravine in Central Oregon. Farmhouses are visible on the land to the right of the waterfall. A construction project is underway at the base of the waterfall, where a partially constructed building connects to a water pipe or flume that goes up the hill toward nearby farms. This is likely an irrigation project under construction. Faded signature at the bottom of the print reads, "Gifford."

Gifford, Benjamin A.

Barn scene, Central Oregon

Photograph showing a man standing in front of a barn and holding a horse by the reins in Central Oregon. The man looks at the horse while the horse looks at the camera. Beyond the barn is a desert landscape. Two dogs are on the left. This photograph is attributed to Benjamin Gifford.

Gifford, Benjamin A.

Farm in Central Oregon

Photograph showing agricultural fields in front of a farmhouse in Central Oregon. Stacks of crops are visible throughout the field in the foreground. A person drives an automobile on the left. Signature on the bottom left of the print reads, "Gifford."

Gifford, Benjamin A.

View of farm, Central Oregon

Photograph showing a view of a farm surrounded by a desert landscape in Central Oregon. Large agricultural fields stretch out behind a farmhouse in the foreground. A harvest is underway in the fields. Two people ride horses on a dirt road in the foreground. Taken from a nearby hillside.

Spillway at the Tumalo Project in Central Oregon

Photograph showing water flowing down a spillway at the mouth of the main dam at the Tumalo Project, known today as the Tumalo Irrigation District. A group of 30 - 40 people stand around the the spillway and look at the camera. Handwritten note on the back of the print reads, "Spillway on Tumalo Project at the mouth of the main dam."

Harvesting 50 acres of grain in 10 hours, Central Oregon

Photographic postcard showing several agricultural workers operating farm machinery to harvest grain in a field. Bags of grain are lined up on the machine. One man stands on top of the machine and looks back at the others. Handwritten label on the front of the print reads, "Harvesting 50 acres of grain in 10 houres (sic). On the line of Oregon Trunk, Central Oregon."

Hedlund, John Olof, 1882-1962

Working in the farm fields

Photograph showing a farm scene in an agricultural field. Several farm workers operate various machines and horse-drawn wagons in the field. The machine on the left appears to be a thresher. Desert landscape is visible in the background. Faded signature on the bottom right of the print reads, "Gifford."

Gifford, Benjamin A.

Cattle in Corral, Central Oregon

Photograph looking down on a view of dozens of cattle in a corral on a farm in Central Oregon. Beyond the corral is a desert landscape. A cowboy on horseback rides in the middle of the cattle. On the right, a person who appears to have fallen to the ground stands up. In the foreground, a person sits on the wooden corral, turns around smiles at the camera. Signature on the bottom right reads, "Gifford."

Gifford, Benjamin A.

A record catch from Central Oregon lakes

Photographic postcard showing 5 men standing on a dirt road, displaying a line holding dozens of fish. A dog sits on the right. Behind them, a group of people stand on a wooden walkway attached to a building. Handwritten note on the back of the postcard reads, "A record catch from Central Oregon lakes."

Stacks of wheat in field

Photograph showing dozens of wheat stacks in a large agricultural field in Central Oregon. A farm is visible in the distance. The mountains of the Cascade Range are in the background. Stamp on the front of the print for Kiser Photo Co.

Kiser Photo Co. (Portland, Or.)

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