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Clackamas County (Or.) With digital objects
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Musicians performing at the Vortex I Music Festival

Members of The Gangsters performing on an elevated stage at Milo McIver State Park during the Vortex I Music Festival. Band members pictured are Michael Cooper (baritone saxophone), Melvin Vann (tenor saxophone), Thara Memory (trumpet), Lester Cooke (tambourine), and Jimmy Sanders (organ). Additional band members also present but not pictured from this performance are Lester McFarland (guitar), Calvin Walker (drums), Michael Nowlen (drums), Ronnie Young (percussion). A crowd of people are dancing below the stage in the foreground.

Crowd at the Vortex I Music Festival

Several people are loaded in the back of a truck while others walk on foot down an unpaved road near Milo McIver State Park where the Vortex I Music Festival was held. A wooden sign in the foreground reads, “Milo McIver State Park Oregon State Highway Department.”

Damage from 1964 Christmas Flood, canal

Photograph showing damage to a fenced area due to the 1964 Christmas Flood (likely in the Clackamas River area). An man-made canal can be seen on the right side of the frame, with damaged fencing running along the river to the left. Much of the fencing appears to have fallen downhill towards the rapidly moving river. In the foreground, two men in long jackets face away from the camera. (Image note: see related image PGE 64-606-8.2).

1964 Christmas Flood, spillway

Photograph showing a spillway structure during the 1964 Christmas flood (taken December of 1964). Water can be seen rapidly spilling down the structure, with a small building visible at the far side of the river. High water levels can be seen upriver, in addition to forested hillsides and trees.

Scenic view of Willamette Falls

Photograph showing water cascading down Willamette Falls in Oregon City. Industrial buildings can be seen just above the falls, with a rocky cliff and houses visible in the background. Above the waterfall is a spillway. Written one of the of large industrial buildings is "Publishers Paper Co."

Gerry Frank presenting a trophy to Joel Sublett during the 1960 Molalla Buckeroo

A photograph of Jeol Sublett (left) and Gerry Frank (right) holding a silver plate-shaped trophy during the 1960 Molalla Buckeroo. A typed caption glued to the top left corner of the page reads, "Molallo [sic.] Buckeroo, July 4, 1960." The photograph was published in the Molalla Pioneer July 14, 1960 with the caption, "Molalla Buckeroo's best all-around cowboy award went to Joel Sublett, Tucson, Ariz., who also received newly established Meier & Frank trophy from Gerry Frank, right, general manager of the firm's Salem store. Approximately 30,000 persons attended Buckeroo's five performances to establish a modern attendance record."

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