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Averill, Edgar F., 1881-1955 With digital objects
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Fish live on the firing line

Article calling for an official study to determine what is the true cause of the declining edible fish population. The authors believe that fishermen are overfishing.

Averill, Edgar F., 1881-1955

Conservation work of the Finleys

Article discussing William and Irene Finley's work to educate children with nature films and lectures. The inclusion of the Finleys' photographs and articles in California Monthly is also discussed.

Averill, Edgar F., 1881-1955

Birds that need help

Article discussing conservation efforts and endangered bird species, including the trumpeter swan, California condor, and bald eagle.

Averill, Edgar F., 1881-1955

Birds that have passed

Article highlighting the possibility of extinction that many bird species face through hunting and increase in human expansion.

Averill, Edgar F., 1881-1955

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