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Spokane, Portland, and Seattle Railway photographs Washington (State) Dwellings With digital objects
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Daybreak Stock Ranch, Clark County, Washington

A farmhouse, barn, and agricultural outbuildings at Daybreak Farm and Stock Ranch in Clark County, Washington. A sign reading, "Daybreak Farm," hangs above the barn entrance in the center of the photograph. A handwritten description on the back of the photograph reads, "Daybreak Stock Ranch - newly developed enterprise in Clarke [sic] County, Wa."

Unidentified farm near Washougal, Washington

Photograph of an unidentified farm near Washougal, Washington. A cow stands on the horizon in the distance. Typed note on the back of the print reads, "In the foreground, land cleared ready for the plow in the mid distance farm buildings and in the distance is (sic) great stretches of rolling meadow. Near Washougal and Camas, Wn."


Photograph of a farmhouse and windmill in a dry landscape. A hill behind the house is dotted with sagebrush. A wood fence on the right forms a corral. A buggy sits in front of the house. On the right there is a partial view of a corral.

Dairy farm near Washougal, Washington

Photograph showing a cluster of buildings including a farmhouse, barn and other structures at a dairy farm near Washougal, Washington. The buildings are surrounded by agricultural fields. A second farm is visible in the distance. Typed note on the back of the print reads, "A type of Dairy farm near Washougal Washington, Fortunes are being made in the dairy business in this favored section along the North Bank Railroad."

Farmland near Washougal, Washington

Photograph showing rolling hills of farmland near Washougal, Washington. A few farms are scattered across the wide, open fields. Typed note on the back of the print reads, "Farm Lands lying north of Washougal Washington. No better land can be found in the world and no better climate exists for the perfect growth of grain grasses and fruit. Potatoes on these lands produce tremendous crops, Cabbage and other vegetables grow finely and of the best quality. Nearly all the farmers in this vicinity have more land than they can cultivate, and are cutting their large holdings into smaller tracts for the new comers who prefer to buy improved land. The prices of these lands are very low compared to that asked in other parts of the country. These lands are contiguous to the great North Bank road."

Orchard and farmhouse

Photograph of an orchard and farmhouse. Rows of trees stand in an orchard on the left and in the right foreground. At the center of the photograph, behind a field of crops, is a farmhouse. Handwritten note on the back of the print reads, "From R.H. Crozier."

Kiser Photo Co. (Portland, Or.)

Dairy farm near Vancouver, Washington

Photograph showing a view of a dairy farm near Vancouver, Washington. View includes a farmhouse, barn and grazing cattle. A woman and child stand in the garden in front of the farmhouse. Three horses and buggies are visible in the photograph. The North Bank Railroad runs behind the farm. The Columbia River flows in the background. Handwritten note on the back of the print reads, "S.D. Durgan Dairy farm 1 mile east of Vancouver, Wash. North Bank R.R. showing in picture."