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Clackamas County (Or.) cellulose nitrate film With digital objects
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Station B, Oregon City Dam

Photograph taken from a high angle showing several men working with a truck and hoisting machine next to flowing water of the Willamette River. On the left side of the image, two men stand on a dock platform while one holds a wooden pole.

Station B, Oregon City Dam

Photograph looking across the water showing several large industrial buildings on the shore. On the left side is a pulp and paper company, and a white building with a large smokestack can be seen in the center of the frame. Along the shore are stacks of wood (possibly crates).

Station B, Oregon City Dam

Photograph taken at Willamette Falls in Oregon city showing men working on a wooden dam structure. Industrial buildings and a smokestack can be seen just beyond the dam structure, and wooded hills are in the distance. A large white house is visible at the top of the hill on the left side of the frame.

Station B, Oregon City Dam

Photograph showing groups of men working on a dam in Oregon. Two men are standing in the shallow water, while another two are in a rowboat to the right. Another four men stand on top of the wooden structure to the left next to a hoisting machine. In the background, multiple smokestacks can be seen coming from a large industrial building.

Station B, Oregon City Dam

Photograph showing a dam at Willamette Falls in Oregon City. In the center of the frame, water cascades through an opening between a building and dam structure. Numerous other buildings and utility poles can be seen throughout the image.

Aerial view, Mount Hood Loop Highway and Government Camp, Oregon

Aerial photograph showing the Mount Hood Loop Highway and the Government Camp area southeast of Mount Hood. The landscape is mostly snow-covered. Government Camp is at center. At lower right is part of the wing of the plane from which the photograph was taken. A cropped version of this photograph was one of 10 that were published on the front page of the Oregon Journal Sunday magazine on June 5, 1932. The photographs accompanied a story, headlined “Looping the Loop by Air,” that recounted an airplane trip following the route of the Mount Hood Loop Highway and described the views from the air. The photographs had the following caption: “Glimpses of familiar scenery snapped by Roy Norr, Journal staff photographer, in ‘doing’ the Mont [sic] Hood Loop the air way.” This photograph had the following additional information: “Government Camp in a white landscape.” See image Nos. 371N5679, 371N5698, 371N5704, 371N5716, 371N5717, and 371N5721, which were published on the same page as this photograph. Also see image Nos. 371N5699, 371N5700, 371N5701, and 371N5702, which were taken during the same trip.

Norr, Roy

Oak Grove Project construction

Photograph of Oak Grove Dam showing second intake unit generator and five employees in work clothing. Four of the individuals are standing below ground inside the machinery, while one stands further back at ground level. The building in industrial, with large windows on all visible walls. In the background is another generator unit.

Cottages at Three Lynx

Photograph showing cottages at Three Lynx taken from downhill and looking upward. A raised train track runs in front of the buildings. One building has smoke coming from a chimney (image note: negative sleeve title uses “Three Links”).

Oregon City paper mills

Photograph taken at a high vantage point, looking north, of paper mills in Oregon City, showing railroad tracks and the Willamette River. The Oregon City Bridge (Arch Bridge) can be seen in the distance crossing the river. Industrial buildings line the river on the opposite banks. Written on the top of a building is a large sign with “Crown Willamette Paper Company” and “Hawley Pulp and Paper Company.”

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