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Finley, William L. (William Lovell), 1876-1953 Red-tailed hawk With digital objects
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Hawks that check the rodent pests

Manuscript arguing that red-tailed hawks are beneficial to the environment, not detrimental as sportsmen and farmers would have the public believe. Farmers assume that the hawk is after livestock. Sportsmen blame the hawk for the decrease of other bird and game populations. The author contends that these birds help aid the natural balance of their ecosystem. They help weed out rodents that destroy crops.

Finley, William L. (William Lovell), 1876-1953

Compilation of birds

Manuscript detailing characteristics of birds who frequent a pond, as well as the joys and disappointments of photography. A second manuscript describes a red-tailed hawk. Additional excerpts are included from other manuscripts, including "Vigor's wren."

Finley, William L. (William Lovell), 1876-1953

A study of birds

Manuscript describing several types of birds. The author comments on home life, habitat, and physical characteristics.

Finley, William L. (William Lovell), 1876-1953

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