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Gerry Frank and Florence Neavoll with her winning chocolate cake at the Oregon State Fair, 1979

A photograph of Florence Neavoll, winner of the chocolate cake competition at the Oregon State Fair, standing with contest judge, Gerry Frank. Neavoll is holding her winning chocolate cake and first prize ribbon up on a plate as Frank takes a bite from a slice of the cake. This photograph was published in the August 29, 1979 edition of the Oregon Journal along with the recipe for the winning cake.

Pilot Butte Inn, Bend, Oregon

A dining room at the Pilot Butte Inn in Bend, Oregon. The tables are covered with white tablecloths and are set for the next meal. On the right, a picture window offers a view of the Deschutes River and 2 houses. Handwriting on the back of the print reads, "Picture window, dining room, Pilot Butte Inn, Bend, Oregon. To RH Crozier Esq."

Musicians performing at the Vortex I Music Festival

Members of The Gangsters performing on an elevated stage at Milo McIver State Park during the Vortex I Music Festival. Band members pictured are Michael Cooper (baritone saxophone), Melvin Vann (tenor saxophone), Thara Memory (trumpet), Lester Cooke (tambourine), and Jimmy Sanders (organ). Additional band members also present but not pictured from this performance are Lester McFarland (guitar), Calvin Walker (drums), Michael Nowlen (drums), Ronnie Young (percussion). A crowd of people are dancing below the stage in the foreground.

Crowd at the Vortex I Music Festival

Several people are loaded in the back of a truck while others walk on foot down an unpaved road near Milo McIver State Park where the Vortex I Music Festival was held. A wooden sign in the foreground reads, “Milo McIver State Park Oregon State Highway Department.”

Children in halloween costumes

A photograph of four children wearing halloween costumes. One child holds a plastic jack-o-lantern pail and two other children hold shopping bags with a logo for the Meier & Frank Department Store.

Whiteside Photo Center

Gerry Frank driving a Meier & Frank automobile

A photograph of Gerry Frank sitting in the driver's seat of an automobile. Six additional passengers are visible in the vehicle with Frank. The letters, "M&F" are painted on the door of the automobile in the style of the logo for the Meier & Frank Department Store.

McEwan Photo Shop (Salem, Or.)

First Train on New SP&S Welded Rails

Photograph showing 2 men standing next to a locomotive. The locomotive has a sign taped to it that reads, "First train on new SP&S welded rails, 77 miles John Day Dam relocation, Corps of Engineers." The man on the left wears a military uniform and a name tag that reads, "Yates." The man on the right wears a hard hat and points toward the locomotive. Stamp on the back of the print for Jim Vincent, Staff Photographer, The Oregonian.

Vincent, James Colin, 1931-2018

Spillways at Bonneville Dam

Photograph of water rushing out of the spillways of the Bonneville Dam in the Columbia River Gorge. Taken from the Washington side of the dam. A person leans over a railing on the lower right, watching the scene. A cloud of mist rises from the water. Stamp on the back of the print reads, "Restricted Photograph: Do not reproduce without written license agreement, Photo-Art Commercial Studios."

Photo-Art Commercial Studios (Portland, Or.)

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