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Clackamas County (Or.) black-and-white prints (photographs) With digital objects
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Crowd at the Vortex I Music Festival

Several people are loaded in the back of a truck while others walk on foot down an unpaved road near Milo McIver State Park where the Vortex I Music Festival was held. A wooden sign in the foreground reads, “Milo McIver State Park Oregon State Highway Department.”

Sevastion Gostevskyh and daughter Maria

Russian immigrant Sevastion Gostevskyh holds his daughter Maria on his lap. He is one of 75 Russian orthodox immigrants taking English classes through the Valley Migrant League's adult education program in Canby, Oregon. Note on the back of the print reads, "Sevastian Goestevsky (sic.) and daughter Maria." This image was published in the Valley Migrant League's Opportunity News on February 24, 1967.

Sunset Above the Clouds at Timberline Lodge

Photograph of a skier standing in the snow and watching the sunset outside Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood in Oregon. The sun sets above thick clouds that blanket the valley below. The skier is silhouetted against the snow. Handwriting on the back of the print reads, "Sunset above clouds, Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood, Oregon. Permit through Timberline Lodge." One stamp on the back reads, "J.W.Z. Nov 11, 1948." Second stamp reads, "Restricted Photograph: Do not reproduce without written license agreement, Photo-Art Commercial Studios."

Photo-Art Commercial Studios (Portland, Or.)

Construction of Oregon Electric Railway Bridge over Willamette River at Wilsonville, Oregon

Photograph of the Oregon Electric Railway bridge over the Willamette River at Wilsonville, Oregon. The bridge is under construction. Taken from the shore of the river, looking at the bridge. Handwriting on the back of the print reads, "Oregon Electric Ry. Wilsonville Bridge nearing completion. Frederick Prahl, General Roadmaster (died 1909), 'in charge of construction,' 1906 - 07. Presented Jan 18, 1956 by Margaret L. Chappell - granddaughter, Addie M. Sliven - daughter, 2535 Willamette Blvd. Portland 11 Ore." Postmark stamp on the back of the print reads, "Wilsonville, Sep. 17 P.M. 1907, Oregon."

Oregon City, 1857

View of Oregon City with Willamette Falls in the distance attributed to Lorenzo Lorain circa 1857. A handwritten caption on the back of the photograph reads, "Oregon City, ca. 1857, taken by Lorenzo Lorain."

Lorain, Lorenzo

Falls of the Willamette River at Oregon City, circa 1857

Photograph of Willamette Falls in Oregon City taken by Lorenzo Lorain circa 1857. The photograph is taken from the edge of the Willamette River looking upriver to the waterfall. There are several structures around the falls on both sides of the river. The typed caption glued below the bristol board on the front of the photograph reads, "Falls of the Willamette River at Oregon City. About 1857 or 1858. Taken by Lt. Lorenzo Lorain, U.S.A. Donated to Oregon Historical Society, 1946, by S. H. Lorain, Albany, Oregon."

Lorain, Lorenzo

Gerry Frank presenting a trophy to Joel Sublett during the 1960 Molalla Buckeroo

A photograph of Jeol Sublett (left) and Gerry Frank (right) holding a silver plate-shaped trophy during the 1960 Molalla Buckeroo. A typed caption glued to the top left corner of the page reads, "Molallo [sic.] Buckeroo, July 4, 1960." The photograph was published in the Molalla Pioneer July 14, 1960 with the caption, "Molalla Buckeroo's best all-around cowboy award went to Joel Sublett, Tucson, Ariz., who also received newly established Meier & Frank trophy from Gerry Frank, right, general manager of the firm's Salem store. Approximately 30,000 persons attended Buckeroo's five performances to establish a modern attendance record."

Elaine Furumoto takes down a sign at the Sandy Opportunity Center, Sandy, Oregon

VISTA volunteer Elaine Furumoto removes a sign listing services offered by the Valley Migrant League's Sandy Opportunity Center in Sandy, Oregon. The top of the sign reads, "Programs We Have to Offer." This is one of three centers closed due to budget cuts on the War on Poverty and the Valley Migrant League program. This image was published in the Valley Migrant League's Opportunity News on February 5, 1968.

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