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Spokane, Portland, and Seattle Railway photographs Washington (State) black-and-white prints (photographs) With digital objects
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Visitation of School Teachers to SP&S Railway Company

Photograph of a group of approximately 30 people standing in front of a building. Most of the group are women. Everyone looks at the camera. Typed note on the back of the print reads, "No. 190 - Visitation of Vancouver, Wash. School Teachers to SP&S Ry. Co. Shops, Round house, Storerooms, and new Diesel Shop. Approximately 60 teachers were present. Picture shows one group of 30 teachers. Oct. 19, 1949."

Railroad Construction Crew & Homesteaders near Carson, Washington

Photograph of 2 groups of men facing each other at a railroad construction site on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge. The men on the left stand around a railroad track under construction and watch as a construction worker clears the land. The men on the right appear to be construction workers, and they look up at the other group. Homesteads are visible in the background. Handwritten note on the back of the print reads, "Troubles between the P. & S. and C. Valley men at Carson, Wash." Second note reads, "Near Monaghan Homestead. Return to Traffic Dept., SP.S Ry."

Apple orchard near Lyle, Washington

Photograph showing young apple trees in an orchard near Lyle, Washington. Likely the Clark orchard. There is a hillside in the background. Typed note on the back of the print reads, "13600--Weister, Portland. General view of the little end of Clara (sic) orchard in Western Klickitat County, North of Lyke (sic), showing three year old Spitzenberg trees." Handwritten note on back reads, "Return to SP&S Ry, 629 Ry Exch Bl."

Weister Company

Woman gathering hazelnuts in orchard

Photograph of a woman kneeling on the ground to gather fallen filberts or hazelnuts in an orchard. Two crates filled with hazelnuts are labeled, "A.A. Quarnberg." Handwritten label on the print reads, "Marcell No. 59." Handwritten note on the back of the print reads, "Camas, Wn." Stamp on the back reads, "Finished by That Man Marcell, Vancouver, Wn."

Marcell, M. B.

Picking pears in orchard, Klickitat Valley, Washington

Photograph of 2 people picking pears from a tree in an orchard in Klickitat Valley, Washington. The person on the left stands on a ladder while reaching for a pear high in the tree. The person on the right stands on the ground and reaches for a pear. Both carry pails labeled, "The Barnett Fruit Picking Pail." Handwritten note on the back of the print reads, "Klickitat Valley, Wn."

Harvesting crops in Goldendale, Washington

Photograph showing a harvest underway in an agricultural field. Farm workers pose on a line of machines and horse-drawn wagons used to harvest crops. At the front of the line, on the left, horses power a header. Handwritten note on the back of the print reads, "Header on farm of Mr. Elsworth, Goldendale, Wn."

Mountaineers on Mount Adams, Washington

Photograph showing 9 mountaineers sitting in a grassy area below the summit of Mount Adams in Washington. Handwritten note on the back of the print reads, "Bird Creek Meadow at timber line of Mount Adams. 12,307 feet elevation. Group of mountain climbers in foreground. Photo by C.C. Hutchins." Handwritten label on the front of the print indicates a copyright by C.C.H.

Hutchins, C. C.

Going fishing

Photograph showing 5 men in a horse-drawn wagon. Two of them hold fishing poles. A boat is attached to the back of the wagon. One man stands on the wheel of the wagon to enter the boat. Another man stands in the boat holding a paddle. Everyone looks at the camera.

Daybreak Stock Ranch, Clark County, Washington

A farmhouse, barn, and agricultural outbuildings at Daybreak Farm and Stock Ranch in Clark County, Washington. A sign reading, "Daybreak Farm," hangs above the barn entrance in the center of the photograph. A handwritten description on the back of the photograph reads, "Daybreak Stock Ranch - newly developed enterprise in Clarke [sic] County, Wa."

Residence, Clark County, Washington

An unidentified man and child standing in front of a garage alongside a dirt road in Clark County, Washington. A small fruit orchard and a large residence are visible in the background. A power pole is present in the front right corner of the image. A handwritten description on the back of the photograph reads, "Clark Co, Wa." The same residence is pictured in OrgLot78_B1F9_004.

Jefferson Square - Longview, Washington

Photograph of Jefferson Square, also known as R.A. Long Park, in Longview, Washington. Typed label on the back of the print reads, "A portion of Jefferson Square, the civic center of Longview, Washington and of the flower beds in adjoining blocks. Jefferson Square is a six-acre park in the heart of Longview on which only buildings of a monumental character may front. On this picture are shown the first two of these buildings - Hotel Monticello, a six-story structure of 200 rooms each with bath and the Longview Public Library, a gift to the city." Writing on the bottom of the print reads, "Z.B.2379."

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