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Oregon Flumes With digital objects
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Rull Run, Big Sandy

Photograph of the Big Sandy Dam site (likely the Marmot Dam), showing a wooden flume with suited individuals standing in the foreground. At the top of the hillside, a wooden building and platform can be seen. Written on the image is #34, B.S dam site, looking down stream, Oct 14, 1911.” (Image note: glass negative broken at lower right corner).

Bull Run, Little Sandy Dam flume

Photograph looking downward at a wooden flume and railway track built on a hillside. The wooden structure continues into the distance, where more tree covered hillsides can be seen. In the bottom left corner of the frame, a man is looking at the camera and leaning against a cushioned seat, likely on a railway car. Written on the negative is “0-337, July-3-1912, Bull Run Flume.”

Station G, Cazadero Dam

Photograph of the Cazadero flume at generating Station G, showing air compressor and pipelines weld, in placing concrete for new bents. Several cars can be seen on a railroad track, and the flume can be seen running along the right side of the frame.

Cazadero Dam, flume

Photograph taken from a side angle, showing the flume at the Cazadero Dam/Station G. Below the wooden flume is a dirt hillside with rocks, and a long wooden building can be seen in the background on the right side of the frame.

Cazadero Dam

Photograph looking upstream, below proposed upper dam site at Cazadero Dam/Station G. A railroad track and flume can be seen running into the distance around a hillside, and two possible construction vehicles are visible. The river can be seen on the left side of the frame.

Damage from 1964 Christmas Flood, canal

Photograph showing damage to a fenced area due to the 1964 Christmas Flood (likely in the Clackamas River area). An man-made canal can be seen on the right side of the frame, with damaged fencing running along the river to the left. Much of the fencing appears to have fallen downhill towards the rapidly moving river. In the foreground, two men in long jackets face away from the camera. (Image note: see related image PGE 64-606-8.2).

Irrigation Canal - The Dalles-California Highway, Oregon

Negative of a photographic postcard showing a bridge over an irrigation canal, with a view of snow-capped Mount Jefferson in the distance. Likely taken near Madras Oregon along The Dalles - California Highway (today known as Highway 97). Handwriting on negative reads, "Irrigation Canal - The Dalles-Calif. Hwy. Christian S-306."

Christian (Photographer)