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Automobiles With digital objects
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Four golfers posing next to car

Portrait of four male golfers sitting on the running board of a car and posing with two bags of golf clubs. All four are wearing suits and ties. The golfers are unidentified, but the man on the left may be Dr. Oscar F. Willing; the second man from left may be Frank Dolp; and the third from left may be Don Moe.

Unidentified man marking Portland Gas & Coke Co. car with civilian defense insignia

Photograph showing an unidentified man crouching next to a Portland Gas & Coke Company vehicle. He is facing to the left and is placing a sign bearing the civilian defense insignia for utility repair on the side of the car. He is also wearing an armband with the same insignia and a pouch for carrying a gas mask. The number 2317 is written on the negative and is visible in the upper right corner of the image. The text “Repair car insignia” is written on the negative sleeve. See related image No. 375A0820.

View of main street and new buildings in Bandon three months after fire

Photograph showing cars and new shop buildings under construction on the main street in Bandon, Oregon, in December 1936, three months after a forest fire destroyed the town. On the left side of the street are signs for the Minute Cafe and the Haga & Church grocery store. On the right side of the photograph are signs for Noble Electric and Carr’s Variety Store. Wreckage from the fire is visible at lower left. cropped version of this photograph was published on Page 7 of the Oregon Journal on Sunday, December 27, 1936, under the headline “Scars Left by Night of Flames Disappearing as Bandon Resolutely Builds Again.” This photograph had the following caption: “Main street looking north.” See related image Nos. 372A1212, 372A1213, 372A1229, 372A1230, and 372A1232. Image note: The number 5 is written on the negative and is partially visible in the lower right corner of the image.

Unidentified man greeting Elks goodwill ambassadors in Portland

Full-length portrait of an unidentified man greeting Al Rasmussen (center) and Richard T. Flood Jr. of Sacramento after their arrival in Portland on June 4, 1935. Rasmussen is sitting in the passenger seat of the ambassadors’ car and is shaking hands with the unidentified man. Flood is leaning against the car next to them. Rasmussen and Flood’s visit was part of an Elks goodwill tour in which fleets of ambassadors stopped in a variety of cities around the United States on their way to the national Elks convention in Columbus, Ohio, in July 1935. The text “Elks” is written on the negative and is faintly visible on the left side of the image. See related image Nos. 372A0834, 372A0835, and 372A0836.

Fleet of parked Kellogg cars

Photograph, taken from the side, a row of parked cars facing to the left. On the rear driver’s side window of each car is the logo of the Kellogg food company. An illustration of a box of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes and the words “Kellogg Sales Company” are also visible on the side of the vehicle at far right. See related image Nos. 372A1156 and 372A1158.

Car on lift at Fred Meyer Hollywood Market Oil Station, Portland?

Photograph showing a car on a raised lift, probably at the Fred Meyer Hollywood Market Oil Station, located behind the Fred Meyer store at East 41st Street North and Sandy Boulevard (now Northeast 41st Avenue and Northeast Sandy Boulevard) in Portland. An unidentified person is standing below the lift and working on the vehicle. This photograph is probably related to image No. 371N5600.

Two unidentified men with Buckeye Malt car

Full-length portrait of two unidentified men standing in the street next to a parked car. They are facing front and wearing hats, suits, and ties. On the side of the car are the words “Buckeye Malt / Choice of the Nation / Duo-malted / Vacuum packed” and “’It’s Wonderful Stuff.’” On the door is a logo that may depict a camel with a can of Buckeye malt syrup on its back. The photograph may have been taken on Southwest Broadway in Portland.

Staff of car dealership with vehicle?

Photograph showing employees of the Windolph Motor Company posing with a parked car (1934 Graham custom eight, manufactured by Graham-Paige) outside their building (15th and West Burnside, Portland) in 1934. The car has a dealer license plate. The men in the center of the frame near the driver side of the vehicle are likely the Windolph brothers (Carl, Fred and Joseph Windolph), along with a representative from Graham Motor Cars. The words “NEW” and “GRAHAM” are painted in large letters on the building window in the background. This image was published in the April 29, 1934 issue of the Oregon Journal.

Two vehicles parked outside Holman and Lutz mortuary, 14th and Sandy, Portland

Photograph showing two vehicles parked outside the Holman and Lutz mortuary at Northeast Sandy Boulevard and Northeast 14th Avenue in Portland. On the driver’s-side door of the vehicle at right, a hearse, is a plate that reads “HOLMAN AND LUTZ.” See related image Nos. 371N5634 and 371N5635. Image note: Photograph shows discoloration due to deterioration of the negative.

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