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Clackamas County (Or.) Automobiles With digital objects
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Oak Grove project, trip to intake and Big Bottom

Photograph showing four seated men in a automobile, taken on a trip to the Big Bottom area. In the background is a sort road and a hill made up of dirt and rocks. Written on the negative is “E301.09-O-170.” (Image note: small area of discoloration visible at the far right edge of the negative. See related images PGE 16-131.2, PGE 16-131.3, PGE 16-131.4, PGE 16-131.5).

Oak Grove project, first automobile at Davis Ranch

Photograph showing a group of forward facing people, taken next to an automobile. The automobile is facing to the side, and has open air seating. Tent cabins can be seen in the background. Written on the negative is “E301.09-O-235” and “R-12.” (Image note: significant discoloration can be seen along the right side of the negative).

Snow-covered road and cars outside Battle Axe Inn, Government Camp, Oregon

Photograph showing a row of cars parked outside the Battle Axe Inn in Government Camp, Oregon. The inn is surrounded by deep snow, and the inn’s roof and some of the cars are snow-covered. A cropped version of this photograph was one of two that were published on the front page of the Oregon Journal on December 31, 1934, under the headline “Mount Hood Snow too Plentiful for Skiing.” The photograph had the following caption: “Too much, not to little, snow forced postponement of Sunday’s scheduled Mount Hood ski tournament until New Years [sic] day.” This photograph had the following additional caption information: “Cars buried in snow in front of Battle Ax [sic] Inn.” The photographs accompanied a story, headlined “Predict Good Ski Weather For New Year,” which reported that about three feet of snow had fallen since the previous Friday. Image note: A mark that may be the number 1 is written on the negative and is visible in the upper right corner of the image.

Vincent, Ralph

Oak Grove project, trip to intake and Big Bottom

Photograph showing five men and an automobile, taken on a dirt road next to a rocky hillside. Four of the men are seated in the vehicle, while a fifth stands. All the men are facing forward and looking at the camera. (Image note: slight discoloration at left side of image. See related images PGE 16-131.1, PGE 16-131.2, PGE 16-131.3, PGE 16-131.4)

Milwaukie, Oregon

Negative of a photographic postcard showing a street in Milwaukie, Oregon. Businesses line both sides of the street and there are signs for Safeway, Firestone, Elder Hardware and other businesses. Automobiles are parked on the street. Handwriting on negative reads, "Milwaukie, Oregon. Christian 11-203."

Christian (Photographer)