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Checking a birdhouse

William Finley Jr. climbing a pole beside a fence to check a birdhouse perched on the top. Three unidentified people look on and two touring cars are parked along the fence nearby. Taken near the Jim Paul Ranch in southeastern Oregon.

Finley, William L. (William Lovell), 1876-1953

Three men pushing Kurtis sports car at auto races in Tillamook, June 1955

Photograph showing three unidentified men pushing a Kurtis sports car along the edge of a road or track at automobile races in Tillamook, Oregon. The photograph was taken at the former Tillamook Naval Air Station site. Written on the negative sleeve is the text “Tillamook / Sports cars / June 1955.” See related image Nos. 372A1233, 372A1234, 372A1235, 372A1237, 372A1238, 372A1239, 372A1240, 372A1241, 372A1242, 372A1243, 372A1244, 372A1245, 372A1246, 372A1247, 372A1248, 372A1249, 372A1250, 372A1251, 372A1252, 372A1253, 372A1254, 372A1255, and 372A1256.

Two U. S. Navy servicemen posing with Portland Gas & Coke Co. car

Photograph showing two unidentified United States Navy servicemen posing next to a Portland Gas & Coke Company car. They are smiling and attaching a sign to the side of the car. The sign reads: “CHOOSE NAVY NOW / WHILE YOU CAN.” In the background, an unidentified Portland Gas & Coke employee is sitting in the driver’s seat of the car. The number 2628 is written on the negative and is visible in the upper right corner of the image. See related image No. 375A0843. Image note: Light leak on negative.

Unidentified man and woman posing with promotional car, 18th and Couch, Portland

Photograph showing an unidentified man and woman posing with a promotional car on the street outside St. Mary’s Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception at Northwest 18th Avenue and Northwest Couch Street in Portland. The man is wearing a jacket, tie, and kilt; the woman is wearing a jacket, blouse, and skirt. On top of the car is a large sign consisting of the General Gasoline name and pegasus emblem. On the side of the car are the words “Ask the driver / Test your skill and win a prize / Pontiac / Economy / Straight Eight.” On the back of the car is the name of the Braley & Graham dealership. See related image No. 371N5491.

Masonic Temple, West Park Street, Portland

Photograph of the Masonic Temple on West Park Street (now Southwest Park Avenue) in Portland. The photograph was taken at the intersection of Park and Madison Street. The streets next to the building are lined with parked cars. The building is now part of the Portland Art Museum and is known as the Mark Building. See related image No. 371N5383.

Snow-covered road and cars outside Battle Axe Inn, Government Camp, Oregon

Photograph showing a row of cars parked outside the Battle Axe Inn in Government Camp, Oregon. The inn is surrounded by deep snow, and the inn’s roof and some of the cars are snow-covered. A cropped version of this photograph was one of two that were published on the front page of the Oregon Journal on December 31, 1934, under the headline “Mount Hood Snow too Plentiful for Skiing.” The photograph had the following caption: “Too much, not to little, snow forced postponement of Sunday’s scheduled Mount Hood ski tournament until New Years [sic] day.” This photograph had the following additional caption information: “Cars buried in snow in front of Battle Ax [sic] Inn.” The photographs accompanied a story, headlined “Predict Good Ski Weather For New Year,” which reported that about three feet of snow had fallen since the previous Friday. Image note: A mark that may be the number 1 is written on the negative and is visible in the upper right corner of the image.

Vincent, Ralph

View of new buildings in Bandon three months after fire

Photograph showing cars and new shop buildings on the main street in Bandon, Oregon, in December 1936, three months after a forest fire destroyed the town. On the right side of the image are signs for Noble Electric and Carr’s Variety store. On the left side are signs for the Haga & Church grocery store and Erdman’s City Market. A cropped version of this photograph was published on Page 7 of the Oregon Journal on Sunday, December 27, 1936, under the headline “Scars Left by Night of Flames Disappearing as Bandon Resolutely Builds Again.” This photograph had the following caption: “Another view of Main street.” See related image Nos. 372A1212, 372A1213, 372A1229, 372A1231, and 372A1232. Image note: The number 3 is written on the negative and is visible in the lower right corner of the image.

Frank Fink Company warehouse, Portland

Photograph showing two vehicles parked outside the Frank Fink Company warehouse at 1310 Southeast Union Avenue (now Southeast Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard) in Portland. On the side of the building are signs reading “Best Foods,” “Frank Fink Company / Food Distributors; and Nucoa. Next to a loading bay is a sign reading “Frank Fink Company / Distributors of Best Foods Products / Borden’s Cheese / Blue Moon Spreads.” This building is also shown in image No. 372A1215, when it was the Hickman Products Company Ltd. warehouse. Image note: Photograph shows discoloration due to deterioration of the negative.

Car on dirt road south of Mount Hood

Photograph of a car on a rocky dirt road through forest south of Mount Hood; the peak is faintly visible in the background. Three unidentified men are standing nearby. An “X is marked on the negative and is visible in the upper left corner of the image.

Car on Columbia River Highway? between deep snowbanks

Photograph showing a car on a road, probably the Columbia River Highway. Deep snowbanks, taller than the car, line the road on either side. An unidentified man is in the driver’s seat. The photograph may have been taken in February 1922. See related image Nos. 373G0518, 373G0519, 373G0520, 373G0522, 373G0523, 373G0524, 373G0525, 373G0526, 373G0527, 373G0528, and 373G0529.

Oregon Journal car on Cloud Cap Road with view of Mount Hood

Photograph showing the view of Mount Hood from the newly completed Cloud Cap Road, on the mountain’s north side, in October 1926. An unidentified person is standing next to a parked Oregon Journal car and looking at the view. On October 6, 1926, the Oregon Journal published three related photographs and a front-page story about the completion of the road, headlined “Cloud Cap Road Finished; Fine View Unfolded.” The story reported that the 10-mile-long road, ending at the Cloud Cap Inn, would officially be known as the Cooper spur of the Mount Hood Loop Highway. Construction of the road had begun in 1925. See related image Nos. 374N0471, 374N0472, 374N0502, 374N0519, 374N0521, 374N0522, 374N0523, 374N0524, 374N0526, and 374N0527.

Oak Grove project, trip to intake and Big Bottom

Photograph showing five men and an automobile, taken on a dirt road next to a rocky hillside. Four of the men are seated in the vehicle, while a fifth stands. All the men are facing forward and looking at the camera. (Image note: slight discoloration at left side of image. See related images PGE 16-131.1, PGE 16-131.2, PGE 16-131.3, PGE 16-131.4)

Eugene flood

An automobile and two people in a rowboat navigate flood water in Eugene. The vehicle appears to be a military style jeep, and a billboard in the background reads “The Regular Army has a good job for you too!” Photographs from this series were published in the Oregon Journal on Sunday, December 30, 1945 (negative 24 of 27).

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

Buildings on Front Avenue at Ankeny

Cast-iron buildings on Front Avenue at Ankeny, from First Avenue. Probably taken from the New Market Theater. From left to right: the Dekum & Reed block, the Johnson Building, and the Dodd Block. Automobiles line the streets. Sign advertises Gadsby’s Home Furnisher. Several storefronts are for sale or lease.

White, Minor

Buildings on Front Avenue

A row of buildings on Front Avenue, looking south from the Burnside Bridge. Demolition of Dekum and Reed block, at right, has begun. Automobiles are parked on the street and the trolley tracks are visible. Taken March 4, 1939.

White, Minor

Southeast Grand Avenue auto shop

A man, wearing coveralls, stands next to a vehicle in an auto shop. The vehicle is raised on a lift and a cloud of smoke is drifting over the man (negative 3 of 15). Original sleeve title: Portland communities - Grand Avenue.

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

Fairview station

Photograph of Fairview Station (Troutdale Division, Ducklane Rd., Gresham, Fairview Road), looking down a dirt road with hills and trees in the distance. At the left side of the road, three suited men stand under an electric line, and a car is parked on the roadside to the right with an open door.

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