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Automobiles With digital objects
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Oral history interview with Charles H. Raney and Myrtle E. Raney [Sound Recording 01]

Tape 1, Side 1. This oral history interview with Charles H. Raney and Myrtle E. Raney was conducted by Richard E. Larrowe on January 22, 1970. In this interview, the Raneys discuss working at The Beaver State Motor Company in Gresham, Oregon, and the car they manufactured. They talk about wood saws that the company also manufactured, other people who worked at the company, and the factory building. They describe the design of the car, legal trouble the company faced, and the reasons the company went out of business. They close the interview by discussing cement mixers the company made.

Raney, Myrtle E. (Myrtle Elizabeth), 1893-1975

Ruth Flowers, Ralph Flowers, and Clifford Flowers with an automobile

A photograph of Ruth Flowers and Ralph Flowers with their son, Clifford Flowers. They are standing in front of an automobile in a residential neighborhood. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph reads, "Ralph and Ruth Flowers and son in front of family residences, nos. 381, 383, 385, 387 NE 1st Ave, Portland."

Flowers Auto Repair garage

Ralph Flowers, Ruth Flowers, and an unidentified man stand in front of the Flowers Auto Repair garage. There is a black car parked in front of the open service door. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph reads, "2125 N. Vancouver Ave. Portland. Ralph & Ruth Flowers."

Flowers family automotive sales lot

A view of a commercial car lot operated by the Flowers Company from approximately 1939-1955. There are several cars parked in two lines on a gravel lot. The automotive repair garage also operated by the Flowers family is visible in the background of the photograph. A handwritten caption on the back of the photograph reads, "Flowers family car lot at garage. 2125 N. Vancouver."

Oregon Electric Railway Depot, Meadowview, Oregon

Photograph of the Oregon Electric Railway depot at Meadowview, near Eugene, Oregon. A boxcar is parked on the tracks in front of the depot. A man pushing several large boxes with a hand truck stands in the door of the depot. Two additional men stand at the end of the depot platform beside a set of stairs. A fourth man stands beside a parked automobile at the base of the stairs. A handwritten caption on the back of the photograph reads, "Ore. Elec. Ry. depot, Meadowview, Or."

Jones, L. C. (Portland, Or.)

Among the Pines, Crater Lake National Park

Photographic postcard of a man driving an automobile on a dirt road. He drives toward the camera. There are large trees on both sides of the road. Writing on the bottom of the postcard reads, "Crater Lake Nat'l Park. 833. Among the Pines." Typed writing on the back reads, "A glimpse of our standing timber. We have 20,000 feet of this class of timber in Klamath County." Postcard made by Miller Photo Co., Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Miller, C. R. (Charles Richard), 1875-1958

Automobiles on the Bridge at Shepperd's Dell on the Columbia River Highway

Photograph of several automobiles crossing the bridge at Shepperd's Dell on the Historic Columbia River Highway in the Columbia River Gorge. Two people stand on either side of the bridge, looking over the railing. The people in the automobiles look toward the camera. Writing on the bottom of the print indicates a 1915 copyright by the Weister Co.

Weister Company

Street Scene in Forest Grove, Oregon

A street scene in Forest Grove, Oregon. An automobile with a 1912 license is parked in front of the Forest Grove National Bank. The V. S. Abraham Dry Goods and Grocery Store is visible in the building across the street. The handwritten description from the back of the photograph reads, "Street scene, Forest Grove." There is also a red "Oregonian" stamp on the back of the photograph.

Parade in Albany, Oregon

A crowd of people gathered for a parade in Albany, Oregon. There are several automobiles decorated with bunting on the street. The tracks for the Oregon Electric Railway are visible in the road. The street is decorated with bunting and American flags. A large banner above the street reads, "Albany the Railroad Center."

Photography Class, Northwest School of Photography

Photograph of students as they photograph a female model posing in front of an automobile. Part of a class at the Northwest School of Photography. Handwritten note on back indicates this was taken by a student in the PM Advanced Portrait class at the Northwest School of Photography.

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