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Columbia Rediviva collection

  • Mss 957
  • Collection
  • 1785-1852

The collection consists of correspondence, journals, ship logs, administrative records, and ink sketches relating to the ship Columbia Rediviva. A mix of original materials and reproductions are present. Among the originals are: the journal of John Hoskins, written during the Columbia's journey around the world in 1791-1792; the journal of George Barrell, 1806, written on board the brig Venus from Boston to Malaga, and on the schooner Louisiana from Malaga to New York; Barrell's account of stores on board the Columbia, 1792-1793; letters of Joseph Barrell to Samuel Webb, 1785-1801, and to John Hoskins, 1790; letters from Colburn Barrell and Robert Haswell, 1801; owner's accounts, 1787-1793; accounts of the Columbia and Lady Washington, 1787-1790; receipts; and four ink sketches by George Davidson depicting incidents in the voyages of the Columbia.

The reproductions held in this collection include the journals of Robert Haswell and Owen Smith, 1787-1789; and a file of receipts and other papers concerning outfitting of the Columbia, 1790 (on microfilm). Also included are publications of Robert Gray's wife Martha's petition to congress for a pension and memorial, 1848-1852.

Ship passing Tillamook Rock Lighthouse

Photograph showing a ship sailing past the Tillamook Rock Lighthouse off Tillamook Head in Clatsop County, Oregon. The view is toward the west. See related image Nos. 371N5189, 371N5729, 371N5730, 371N5731, 371N5732, 371N5735, 371N5736, 371N5737, and 371N5739.

St. Johns Bridge, Portland

Photograph, taken from the west side of the Willamette River, showing the St. Johns Bridge in northwest Portland. A C-H Line ship is sailing under the bridge. This photograph may be related to image Nos. 371N5542 and 371N5543.

Union Oil tanker Lyman Stewart stranded at entrance to San Francisco Bay

Photograph, taken from the side, showing a ship, the Lyman Stewart, stranded on rocks at the entrance to San Francisco Bay after a collision with the freighter Walter A. Luckenbach in October 1922. Alongside the Lyman Stewart are three boats. On the negative is the text “Ashore at Mile Rk. [two words, not legible] / Union Oil Tanker Lyman Stewart.” Image note: Light leaks. Possibly a copy negative.

Crowds touring USS Houston in Portland after President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s arrival

Photograph showing crowds aboard the USS Houston and waiting in line to board the ship on August 4, 1934. President Franklin D. Roosevelt arrived in Portland aboard the Houston on August 3, 1934, after a vacation cruise. He then traveled to the Bonneville dam construction site, where he gave a speech about the dam project. A similar photograph, image No. 371N2186, was published on the front page of the Oregon Journal on Sunday, August 5, 1934, under the headline “Thousands Swarm Aboard President’s Vacation Ship.” That photograph had the following caption: “Photo shows line of visitors going aboard the cruiser Houston at the foot of Southwest Stark street Saturday afternoon. Officers of the vessel estimated that 9000 boarded the ship Friday afternoon and 11,000 Saturday, making 20,000 for two days. More thousands merely looked at the vessel from the harbor wall. The craft leaves the city Tuesday morning.” The photograph accompanied a story about the crowds that toured the ship. Also see the following related images from the president’s visit: Nos. 371N2168, 371N2169, 371N2170, 371N2171, 371N2172, 371N2173, 371N2174, 371N2190, 371N2192, 371N2193, 371N2194, 371N2195, and 371N2197.

Crate being hoisted onto ship

Photograph showing a crate being hoisted from a pier at right onto a moored ship at left. A group of unidentified workers is standing on the pier. In the background, people are watching the loading process from the ship. Image note: Photograph shows discoloration at top due to deterioration of the negative.

Cargo being hoisted onto ship

Photograph showing two unidentified workers standing next to carts on a pier as a pallet stacked with crates is hoisted from the pier onto a moored ship at right. Between the workers are two empty carts. Behind them is a third cart stacked with crates. Image note: Negative damage at center.

Crates of Duckwall fruit being loaded onto ship

Photograph showing a pallet stacked with crates being hoisted from a pier at right onto a ship moored at left. An unidentified worker is standing next to a cart below the pallet, watching the loading process. At right is a second cart also stacked with crates. The crates bear the labels of the Duckwall fruit-packing company in Hood River, Oregon. Also see related image No. 371N3503.

Filled sacks being hoisted onto ship

Photograph showing a pallet stacked with sacks of sugar being hoisted from a pier at right onto the deck of a ship at left. Below the pallet, a worker is standing on the pier next to more sacks of sugar piled on a cart. Image note: Negative damage at center.

Cargo being loaded onto ship

Photograph showing a pallet of paper-wrapped cylinders in midair as it is loaded or unloaded onto the deck of a ship. At center, an unidentified man is standing on the deck next to the opening of the ship’s cargo hold. See related image No. 371N3504.

Lumber being loaded onto ship

Photograph, taken from the edge of a pier, showing stacked lumber in midair as it is hoisted onto a moored ship at left. Unidentified workers are standing on stacks of lumber already placed on the deck of the ship. The number 6 is written on the negative and is visible in the upper left corner of the photograph. Image note: Light leak on negative.

Workers handling cargo on pier

Photograph showing unidentified workers handling cargo on a pier. At left, a crane is hoisting unidentified boxes onto a moored ship, the Wisconsin. At right, a worker is holding the handles of a wheelbarrow loaded with a large box wrapped in paper.

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