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Gresham Station and Substation

Exterior photograph of the wooden Gresham train station and brick substation. Two railroad tracks pass in front of the buildings. A signed with “American Express Co” is mounted on the wooden building, in addition to painted distances to Portland and Cazadero. On the left, a doorway leads to a signed “waiting room” area.

Unidentified bridge

Photograph of an unidentified trestle bridge crossing a body of shallow water. A train track runs over the bridge. Possibly same bridge as PGE 132-2, identified as running over the Oregon Slough via the Vancouver line.

Piedmont car barns at North Killingsworth Street and North Mississippi Avenue

Street view of Piedmont car barn building at North Killingsworth Street and North Mississippi Avenue, showing two individuals in suits standing in front. A packed dirt street runs in front of the building, with a white wooden building seen on the right side. Numerous wooden poles and power lines can be seen throughout the image, as well as a wooden water tower in the distance.

Oaks Park ticket office

Photograph of the Oaks Park ticket office, a long wooden building with a slatted fence at the front. Tow ticket windows are visible, with “pay car fare here” written on signs. A large wooden promenade is at the front of the building, extending towards the photographer. Three decorative tree-shape electric lights are visible.

Bridge over Oregon Slough on Vancouver Line

Photograph of unidentified bridge crossing body of water, with shoreline visible at right side of image. Taken from a straight vantage point looking down the tracks, a train can be seen in the distance, as well as numerous wooden buildings and electric lines. Likely the same bridge shown in PGE 132-1.

Oaks Park exit

Photograph of a train station exit at Oaks Park in Portland. To the right, a hillside leads down to the water, and a wooded hill is visible is the distance. The sign on the wooden structure has the name “Oaks Park” painted on the top. An additional sign at the right side of the image says “Oregon Yacht Club”.

Oaks Park exit

Photograph of the Oaks Park ticket office, a long wooden building with a slatted fence at the front. Tow ticket windows are visible, with “pay car fare here” written on signs. A large wooden promenade is at the front of the building, extending towards the photographer. Two decorative tree-shape electric lights are visible.

Linnemann Junction station

Photograph of the Linnemann train station building, with a “American Express Co” sign. A set of railroad tracks runs along each side of the building, and a road is visible in the background. A wooden signal post stands next to a track.

Interior of Portland Gun Club building

Photograph showing part of the interior of the clubhouse of the Portland Gun Club, located near southwest Gresham off Southeast 174th Avenue. At left is a fireplace and at center and right are a stairway and a storage area with shelving and firearms. Animal skins are displayed from the wall of the upstairs loft. See related image Nos. 376G0166 and 376G0167.

Masonic Temple, West Park Street, Portland

Photograph of the Masonic Temple on West Park Street (now Southwest Park Avenue) in Portland. The photograph was taken at the intersection of Park and Madison Street. The streets next to the building are lined with parked cars. The building is now part of the Portland Art Museum and is known as the Mark Building. See related image No. 371N5383.

Bus passengers? posing on snow-covered road between Portland and The Dalles

Portrait of a group of people, probably bus passengers traveling between Portland and The Dalles, standing on a snow-covered road in a forest. Some of them are holding shovels. Several people at the back of the group are sitting on top of a Columbia Stages bus. See related image Nos. 376G0094, 376G0095, 376G0096, 376G0097, 376G0098, 376G0099, 376G0100, and 376G0101. Image note: Right corners of negative are broken off.

Oregon Journal Knights of Kollodion on parade

Photograph showing nine people standing in a row on a Portland street near the Journal Building (not shown) in downtown Portland. The person in the center is costumed in a wig, mask, and flowered dress, and is holding up a sign with the text “Merry Christmas from the Oregon Journal Knights of Kollodion.” The man at far right is carrying a bass drum. Most of the others are wearing funnels on their heads and are carrying small instruments. See related image Nos. 373G0337, 373G0339, 373G0340, and 373G0341.

Statue of Thomas Jefferson

Portrait of a statue of Thomas Jefferson outdoors on a lawn. The figure of Jefferson is seated in a chair with one arm resting against the back. On the front of the base is the inscription: “All will bear in mind this sacred principle, that though the will of the majority is in all cases to prevail, that will to be rightful, must be reasonable; that the minority possess their equal rights, which equal law must protect and to violate would be oppression / Thomas Jefferson.” Written on the negative sleeve is the text: “By Karl Bitter. / Original at Univ. of Va. / Placed at Jefferson HS 1916.”

Sigel Grutze, deputy city auditor of Portland

Half-length portrait of a man sitting at a desk and looking down at a large book open on the desk in front of him. He is wearing glasses, a suit jacket and vest, a collared shirt, and a tie. The text “Grutze, Mr. Sigel / Deputy city auditor” is written on the negative sleeve. See related image Nos. 376G0061 and 376G0063.

Oregon Journal pressmen with printing press

Full-length portrait of eight unidentified Oregon Journal pressmen with the printing press at the newspaper’s offices in the Journal Building at Broadway and Yamhill streets (now Southwest Broadway and Southwest Yamhill Street) in Portland. The man standing in front of the press at lower left may be H. A. King, press room foreman. This photograph may be related to image No. 373G0460. The number 122 is written on the negative and is visible in the upper right corner of the image. The number 324 was also written on the negative and then crossed out.

Oregon Journal newsroom

Photograph showing Oregon Journal staff at desks in the newspaper’s offices at the Journal Building in Portland. The building, now known as the Jackson Tower, is located at Southwest Broadway and Southwest Yamhill Street. The windows in this photograph probably overlook Broadway.

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