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United States Dirt roads With digital objects
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Farmland in desert landscape

Photograph showing a view down a dirt road in a desert landscape with farmland on either side. The dirt road is lined with sagebrush. Fences divide the sagebrush from the agricultural fields. A farm is visible in the distance, at the end of the road.

Gifford, Benjamin A.

Oak Grove project, slide on road below South Fork

Photograph showing a hillside with a man in the foreground, with a steam shovel visible further along a cut dirt road. The man is turned sideways and is bending over a long piece of pipe. On the right side of the frame, the Clackamas River is visible, along with rock and mud debris. Written on the negative is “E301.09-O-54” and “11.”

Oak Grove project, steam shovel in slide

Photograph showing a dirt road on a hillside with an active steam shovel. In the background are two vehicles on the road, with men visible at the far left side of the frame. Next to the steam shovel is a pile of dirt and rocks, and written on the machine is “Marion Shovel – Model 21.” Written on the negative is “E301.09-O-20.”

Gilbart Station

Photograph of Gilbart Station, Springwater Division, Bucklay Avenue. Taken at an intersection of two dirt roads, a railroad crossing can be seen across the road on the left. Two wooden houses are visible in the distance, as well as numerous electric lines.

Eastwood Station

Photograph of Eastwood Station, Mt. Hood Division, Baseline Road. A train track crosses a road, with a small wooden building on the ride side with “Eastwood” sign. A vehicle can be seen in the distance driving towards the camera.

Watson Station

Photograph of Watson Station, Springwater Division, at 92nd Street. Looking down the dirt road, a railroad crossing can be seen in the distance, next to several wooden buildings. Electric lines can be seen along both sides of the road.

Fairview station

Photograph of Fairview Station (Troutdale Division, Ducklane Rd., Gresham, Fairview Road), looking down a dirt road with hills and trees in the distance. At the left side of the road, three suited men stand under an electric line, and a car is parked on the roadside to the right with an open door.

Among the Pines, Crater Lake National Park

Photographic postcard of a man driving an automobile on a dirt road. He drives toward the camera. There are large trees on both sides of the road. Writing on the bottom of the postcard reads, "Crater Lake Nat'l Park. 833. Among the Pines." Typed writing on the back reads, "A glimpse of our standing timber. We have 20,000 feet of this class of timber in Klamath County." Postcard made by Miller Photo Co., Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Miller, C. R. (Charles Richard), 1875-1958

Dirt Road Under Cliff

Photograph of a dirt road at the base of a cliff in the high desert in Central Oregon likely taken in the Crooked River Canyon. Handwriting on the back of the print reads, "Near Culver, Ore?" Stamp on the back of the print indicates a 1911 copyright notice by Kiser Photo Co. for SP&S Railway.

Kiser Photo Co. (Portland, Or.)

Unidentified woman and girl outdoors, Oregon City, Thanksgiving 1908

Full-length portrait showing an unidentified woman and girl standing next to a dirt path or road in a rural area next to a log fence and a field. A second wooden fence borders a path in the background at right. The words “Thanksgiving / 1908 Oregon City” are etched by hand into the negative and are faintly visible in the lower left corner of the photograph. Image note: Photograph shows discoloration due to deterioration of the negative.

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