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Union Oil tanker Lyman Stewart stranded at entrance to San Francisco Bay

Photograph, taken from the side, showing a ship, the Lyman Stewart, stranded on rocks at the entrance to San Francisco Bay after a collision with the freighter Walter A. Luckenbach in October 1922. Alongside the Lyman Stewart are three boats. On the negative is the text “Ashore at Mile Rk. [two words, not legible] / Union Oil Tanker Lyman Stewart.” Image note: Light leaks. Possibly a copy negative.

San Francisco?

Photograph, taken from a high vantage, showing a wide view of a city, possibly San Francisco prior to the 1906 earthquake. A road with streetcar tracks runs through the center. Very faintly visible in the background toward the right is the dome of what may be the old San Francisco City Hall building. This photograph may be related to image Nos. 373G0531, 373G0532, and 373G0535. Image note: Damaged negative.

San Francisco?

Photograph showing a street, houses, and a hill in an unidentified city or town. The words “Geo. Holl Mission & 26th sells shoes on their merit” are painted on a wooden railing along the street. The photograph may have been taken in San Francisco prior to the 1906 earthquake. It may be related to image Nos. 373G0473, 373G0532, and 373G0535. Image note: Photograph shows discoloration due to deterioration. Negative damage at upper left.

San Francisco?

Photograph showing houses in the hills around an unidentified city, possibly San Francisco prior to the 1906 earthquake. Also see image Nos. 373G0473, 373G0531, and 373G0535, which may be related. Image note: Photograph shows discoloration due to deterioration of the negative.

San Francisco?

Photograph, taken from a high vantage, showing a wide view of a city, possibly San Francisco prior to the 1906 earthquake. A road is visible at the center of the image. This photograph may be related to image Nos. 373G0473, 373G0531, and 373G0532. Image note: Damaged negative.

Pictures of Camp Wolf Creek (1 of 11)

Text at the top of the page reads, "Wolf Creek - 1921st Veteran's Co., #F-33, Roseburg, Oregon." Text at the bottom of the page reads, "Winter and Summer Camp." Eight photos show Company 1921 leaving San Francisco, a portrait of Leo R. Burton, the creator of the photo album, and various views in and around the camp. Other identified individuals are 1st Lieutenant George Kenneth Fair, Medical Reserve Corps; Fred H. Russell; Edgar T. Flack; and Dr. F.B. Joy.

Burton, Leo R. T. (Leo Rigel Taylor)

Jane Johnson (Conner) Failing

Photograph of Jane (Conner) Failing, looking towards the right side of the frame. Her hair is pulled back, and a decorative neckline can be seen on her dress.

Flaglor Instantaneous Photographs (Firm)

Essayons topographical map of California, Nevada, Oregon and part of Idaho / prepared from field surveys and other reliable data under the direction of Bvt. Lt. Col. R.S. Williamson ; drawn by W.B. Hyde, 1867

A color map in three segments depicting the western United States, primarily depicting Oregon, California, Nevada and part of Idaho. A note in the upper left corner reads, "Atlas to accompany the official records of the Union and Confederate armies, 1861-1865." Relief is shown by hachures.

Williamson, R. S. (Robert Stockton), 1824-1882

Map of southern Oregon and northern California : compiled from the best authorities, and from personal surveys and explorations, exhibiting a reliable view of the rich gold region of the north, as well as the mineral region of middle California : embracing also a corrected chart of the coast from San Francisco Bay, to the Columbia River agreably [sic] to the late United States Coast Survey / by N. Scholfield, 1851

A map depicting Oregon and part of Northern California. The map shows the gold regions of Southern Oregon and Northern California, the mineral region of middle California, and new settlements along the Umpquah River. The map also depicts rivers, trails, and topography. Relief is shown by hachures.

Scholfield, Nathan

Map of Oregon and upper California, from the surveys of John Charles Frémont and other authorities, 1848

A map of California, Nevada, portions of western Arizona and Utah, and a southern portion of Oregon. The map shows the locations of Native American tribal groups, "positions where Troops are needed," and "routes that had been traversed by Troops or by which Frontier Posts may be supplied." Relief is shown by hachures. The map is approximately the southwestern quarter of a larger map with the same title.

Frémont, John Charles, 1813-1890

Tsuboi Family Home Movie - "1931 Los Angeles"

Tsuboi family home movie, featuring a family trip to Los Angeles and Yosemite National Park in 1931. Footage is in black-and-white.
00:00 - Scenes of the Tsuboi family visiting the Mount Wilson Observatory in Los Angeles. There is snow on Mount Wilson.
01:28 - Scenes of Los Angeles, including a visit to Japanese Miniature Village
01:59 - Scenes of the Tsuboi family visiting a zoo and the Los Angeles Ostrich Farm.
02:59 - Members of the Tsuboi family pose on a rooftop overlooking Los Angeles City Hall. 04:08 - Scenes of the Tsuboi family in Los Angeles. Includes footage of family visiting a film studio, possibly Charlie Chaplin's movie studio. Brief shot of studio's cement slab featuring Chaplin's signature with the date, January 21, 1918.
07:36 - The Tsuboi family visits the Coliseum stadium in Los Angeles
08:08 - More Los Angeles scenes, including a visit to an orchard in a Ford automobile, the family laughing on a rooftop, and an ice hockey game
09:33 - Visit to Yosemite National Park
12:37 - Scenes from California visit

Tsuboi family

Artwork Funded by CETA

Title card information: "February, 1975 - San Francisco; 121 artists are hired by the city using federal manpower funds through CETA (Comprehensive Employment and Training Act); Nearly 3,000 people apply; The project is initiated by the Neighborhood Arts Program of the San Francisco Art Commission with the... Alvarado School Art Workshop, De Young Museum Art School, and the Mayor's Manpower Office."

Title Card: "Art Works." Jim Nybakken, representative of the Mayor's Manpower Office; Elsa Camerson, De Young Museum Art School; John Kreidler, author of the CETA Arts proposal; and Felix Contreras, Federal Manpower Representative, Discuss the CETA program for employing artists. Visual and performance artists employed through the CETA program describe their involvement in CETA, and their methods of implementing artistic endeavors in communities. Video ends at (0:30:32), with blank screen.

Credits: Produced by, Optic Nerve, with a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts; Optic Nerve, Lynn Adler, Jules Bachus, Jim Mayer, Michael Nolan, Sherrie Rabinowitz, John Rogers, Mya Shone; Mini-Park, Patricia Rodriguez [?], Graciela Carillo; Art School, Michael Cookingham; Dance Rehearsal, Leni Sloan; Elementary School, Betty Wong and the Dragon Theater; Hospital, Swingmasters and Pickle Family Circus; Child Care Center, Larry Pisoni and Bill Irwin; Senior Housing, Talespinners, Sandy Archer, Joe Bellan, Mrs. Grace Berry; Public Housing, Make a Circus, Peter Frankham; Tenants Association, Joe Tapacio, Joyce E [?]; Garden, Ann Kyle and Neighborhood Youth Corps; Hotel, Al Robles and Geraldine Kutaka; Music by, Flowering Stream Ensemble; Mural by, Jim Dong and the Kearny Street Workshop; Main title by Arlene Goldbrand. Thanks to the San Francisco Art Commission, Neighborhood Arts Program, Mayor's Manpower Office, Housing Authority, Recreational Park Dept., Fine Arts Museums, Unified School District, and thanks to all the CETA artists.

The Video Access Project (Public Access Television Program)

Upper Gold Bluffs, California

Black and white drawing of the Upper Gold Bluffs beach in California. Two figures are visible walking on the shore. There are rocks visible in the water with birds flying overhead. A sloping cliffside with trees surrounds the area.

Rockwell, Cleveland, 1837-1907

Flower illustration, Mt. Diablo

Color botanical illustration of yellow flowers with foliage. The flowers have five petals. Handwriting on the drawing reads, "Cleveland Rockwell Mt. Diablo. Cal. August 1st 1876."

Rockwell, Cleveland, 1837-1907

Sketchbook volume 3

Cleveland Rockwell's sketchbook volume 3. Includes surveying data from California and landscape drawings of Washington State.

Rockwell, Cleveland, 1837-1907

Wreck of Viscata

Pencil drawing of the Wreck of Viscata. Debris is visible on the shore and the wreck is visible in the water in the distance.

Rockwell, Cleveland, 1837-1907

Sketchbook volume 2

Cleveland Rockwell's sketchbook volume 2. Includes landscape drawings of Oregon, Washington, and California.

Rockwell, Cleveland, 1837-1907

Upper Gold Bluffs, California

Black and white watercolor landscape illustration of the Upper Gold Bluffs in California. A person and dog are visible on the shore.

Rockwell, Cleveland, 1837-1907

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