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Parade in Albany, Oregon

A crowd of people gathered for a parade in Albany, Oregon. There are several automobiles decorated with bunting on the street. The tracks for the Oregon Electric Railway are visible in the road. The street is decorated with bunting and American flags. A large banner above the street reads, "Albany the Railroad Center."

Street Scene in Forest Grove, Oregon

A street scene in Forest Grove, Oregon. An automobile with a 1912 license is parked in front of the Forest Grove National Bank. The V. S. Abraham Dry Goods and Grocery Store is visible in the building across the street. The handwritten description from the back of the photograph reads, "Street scene, Forest Grove." There is also a red "Oregonian" stamp on the back of the photograph.

Automobiles on the Bridge at Shepperd's Dell on the Columbia River Highway

Photograph of several automobiles crossing the bridge at Shepperd's Dell on the Historic Columbia River Highway in the Columbia River Gorge. Two people stand on either side of the bridge, looking over the railing. The people in the automobiles look toward the camera. Writing on the bottom of the print indicates a 1915 copyright by the Weister Co.

Weister Company

Night view, Broadway

Photograph taken at night, looking south on SW Broadway taken near the intersection with SW Taylor St. Electric lights and signs line the street, with street car tracks and parked automobiles. A large lighted sign is strung across the street with “Hotel Oregon” written.

Checking a birdhouse

William Finley Jr. climbing a pole beside a fence to check a birdhouse perched on the top. Three unidentified people look on and two touring cars are parked along the fence nearby. Taken near the Jim Paul Ranch in southeastern Oregon.

Finley, William L. (William Lovell), 1876-1953

Among the Pines, Crater Lake National Park

Photographic postcard of a man driving an automobile on a dirt road. He drives toward the camera. There are large trees on both sides of the road. Writing on the bottom of the postcard reads, "Crater Lake Nat'l Park. 833. Among the Pines." Typed writing on the back reads, "A glimpse of our standing timber. We have 20,000 feet of this class of timber in Klamath County." Postcard made by Miller Photo Co., Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Miller, C. R. (Charles Richard), 1875-1958

Track work, Linneman Junction

Photograph at Linneman Junction, at Troutdale Division, Powell Valley Road. Railroad tracks can be seen on the left side of the frame. A car is parked next to a road and wooden building. Electric lines are visible throughout the image. “Fisk Core Tires” and “Union Gasoline” signs are visible.

Fairview station

Photograph of Fairview Station (Troutdale Division, Ducklane Rd., Gresham, Fairview Road), looking down a dirt road with hills and trees in the distance. At the left side of the road, three suited men stand under an electric line, and a car is parked on the roadside to the right with an open door.

Broadway north from Electric Building

Street scene photograph taken during the Portland Rose Festival from a high vantage point from the Electric Building at 621 SW Alder Street, looking north. Street cars and automobiles are visible on the street. Signs for “Western Union Theater,” “Liberty Theater,” and “Bronson’s” are visible. Evergreen boughs are strung between streetlights, and two American flags hang at the front of the frame.

Broadway looking north from Salmon

Street scene photograph taken during the Portland Rose Festival from street level, looking north on SW Broadway from SW Salmon Street. In the distance, the Journal Building (now Jackson Tower) is visible on the right side of the street. Several signs are strung over the street, including for the “Orpheum Vaudeville,” “Hippodrome,” “Baker Theater,” and “Liberty Theater.” Automobiles line both sides of the street, and two street cars can be seen in the distance.

Oak Grove project, trip to intake and Big Bottom

Photograph showing four seated men in a automobile, taken on a trip to the Big Bottom area. In the background is a sort road and a hill made up of dirt and rocks. Written on the negative is “E301.09-O-170.” (Image note: small area of discoloration visible at the far right edge of the negative. See related images PGE 16-131.2, PGE 16-131.3, PGE 16-131.4, PGE 16-131.5).

Oak Grove project, trip to intake and Big Bottom

Photograph showing five men and an automobile, taken on a dirt road next to a rocky hillside. Four of the men are seated in the vehicle, while a fifth stands. All the men are facing forward and looking at the camera. (Image note: slight discoloration at left side of image. See related images PGE 16-131.1, PGE 16-131.2, PGE 16-131.3, PGE 16-131.4)

Oak Grove project, first automobile at Davis Ranch

Photograph showing a group of forward facing people, taken next to an automobile. The automobile is facing to the side, and has open air seating. Tent cabins can be seen in the background. Written on the negative is “E301.09-O-235” and “R-12.” (Image note: significant discoloration can be seen along the right side of the negative).

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