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Map of Oregon and upper California, from the surveys of John Charles Frémont and other authorities, 1848

A map of California, Nevada, portions of western Arizona and Utah, and a southern portion of Oregon. The map shows the locations of Native American tribal groups, "positions where Troops are needed," and "routes that had been traversed by Troops or by which Frontier Posts may be supplied." Relief is shown by hachures. The map is approximately the southwestern quarter of a larger map with the same title.

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Fort Crook, Shasta County, California

Two photographs of of the corral and officer quarters at Fort Crook in Shasta County, California taken by Edward Perry Vollum. The two prints are glued to a single sheet of bristol board. Handwritten captions on the front of the page read, "Fort Crook, Shasta County, California," and, "Photographed by Dr. Edward Perry Vollum an associate of Lt. Lorenzo Lorain." Handwritten captions on the back of the page read, "Corral, Fort Crook, Cal." and, "Officer Quarters at Fort Crook, Cal."

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