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Oregon Waterfalls With digital objects
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Tsuboi Family Home Movie - "Japanese Scenes - Africa Maru (ship) - Shots of Portland & Steele Bridge - 1928 Logging Camp"

Tsuboi family home movie, featuring footage of a trip to Japan, the Africa Maru cargo ship, Portland, Oregon, and the Columbia River Gorge. Footage is in black-and-white.
00:00 - Scenes from a trip to Japan, including temples, buildings, streets, and the Kanaya Hotel.
03:27 - Scenes of the cargo ship Africa Maru, which transported many Japanese immigrants to the Pacific Northwest. Japanese civilians bid farewell to the ship. Footage of the ocean voyage, possibly from Japan to Seattle.
06:24 - Scenes of Mount Hood and driving through the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon
07:22 - Scenes of Downtown Portland. Shots of the Tsuboi family.
08:00 - Scenes of the Columbia River Gorge.
08:38 - Iceskating on a frozen lake. Sign reads: Kahlotus.
09:11 - Steel Bridge in Portland, Oregon
09:20 - Scenes of the Columbia River Gorge. Various waterfalls, including Multnomah Falls

Tsuboi family

Mill Creek Falls - Rogue River, Oregon

Negative of a photographic postcard showing a waterfall in a forested area. Handwriting on negative reads, "Mill Creek Falls - Rogue River - Oregon, near Singing Springs Ranch." [This is likely Mill Creek Falls, located on the Rogue River in Prospect State Park in Jackson County. It is located near Crater Lake.] Handwritten note on envelope indicates this was taken in 1959.

Celilo Falls, 1895

A cyanotype view of Celilo Falls, circa 1895. A handwritten description on the back of the photograph reads, "Celilo Falls, 1895."

Celilo Falls, 1895

A view of Celilo Falls, circa 1895. A handwritten description on the back of the photograph reads, "Celilo Falls, 1895."

Sternwheeler Bailey Gatzert passes Multnomah Falls on the Columbia River

Photograph showing the sternwheeler Bailey Gatzert on the Columbia River in the Columbia River Gorge. Multnomah Falls is in the background on the Oregon side of the Gorge. Handwritten note on the back reads, "S.S. Bailey Gatzert passing Multnomah Falls." Second handwritten note reads, "Return to Traffic Dept., SP&S." Stamp on the back for Beaver Engraving Co.

Kiser Photo Co. (Portland, Or.)

SP&S bus on highway near waterfall

Photograph of a bus operated by the Spokane, Portland & Seattle Railway, driving on a hillside highway past a waterfall in a ravine. The bus is marked, "Portland - Astoria." The destination is marked as Astoria. The bus is likely traveling on Highway 30 in Clatsop County above the Columbia River. Stamp on the back of the print reads, "Photographs from A.J. Baker."

Baker, A. J. (Portland, Or.)

Paulina Falls, Deschutes National Forest

Photographic postcard showing Paulina Falls, located in Newberry National Volcanic Monument in the Deschutes National Forest, Oregon. Taken from the base of the waterfall, looking up. There is a large rock at the base of the falls. Writing on the postcard reads, "Paulina Falls, 100 ft. high, LaPine, Ore." Handwriting on the back of the postcard reads, "Another view of Paulina Falls."

Viewing Celilo Falls, Columbia River

Photograph of a Native American person standing on a rock overlooking Celilo Falls on the Columbia River in the Columbia River Gorge. Large rapids flow past the rock and there is a cloud of mist above the water. The person wears a hat and their back is turned to the camera as they face the river. Taken looking towards the mountains on the Washington side of the river. Stamp at the bottom of the print indicates a 1907 copyright notice for Benjamin A. Gifford. Stamp on the back reads, "Photo Copyright R.I. Gifford."

Gifford, Benjamin A.

Waterfalls near Deschutes River

A railroad track runs alongside a river, likely the Deschutes River. To the left, several waterfalls run down the side of a canyon. Handwriting on back reads, "Oak Springs, Deschutes River." Stamp for Kiser Photo Co. on front of print.

Kiser Photo Co. (Portland, Or.)


Photograph of a wide waterfall on a river, likely in Central Oregon. Embossment on the lower right indicates a 1909 copyright notice by Kiser Photo Co. for SP&S Railway.

Kiser Photo Co. (Portland, Or.)

Punchbowl Falls, Columbia River Gorge

Photograph looking down at Punchbowl Falls, located on the Eagle Creek Trail on the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge. Taken from a nearby hillside during recovery efforts for the body of Francis E. Foss (negative 6 of 9).

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

Scenic view of Willamette Falls

Photograph showing water cascading down Willamette Falls in Oregon City. Industrial buildings can be seen just above the falls, with a rocky cliff and houses visible in the background. Above the waterfall is a spillway. Written one of the of large industrial buildings is "Publishers Paper Co."

Waterfalls on Columbia River?

Photograph showing flowing waterfalls on an unidentified river (possibly the Columbia River?). Behind the waterfalls, possible dam infrastructure can be seen. In the background, more rocky cliffs can be seen, as well as a road and electrical lines. Written on the side of the negative is "49-170." (Image note: see related images PGE 49-154, PGE 49-161, PGE 49-172, PGE 49-174, PGE 49-175, PGE 49-178, PGE 49-184, PGE 49-185).

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