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Vancouver Avenue Methodist Church flag presentation

Photograph showing people lined up for a flag presentation at Vancouver Avenue Methodist Church in Portland. They are standing on a raised area, with a painting of Jesus Christ visible behind them. Church pews can be seen on the left side of the frame (negative 1 of 2).

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

United States Postal Service rally in Portland, Oregon

Activists marching under the Chinatown Gateway in Portland, Oregon, during a rally against proposed cuts to the United States Postal Service in 2013. Two people at the front hold a banner which reads, "Save America's Postal Service." A man wearing a blue jacket and holding a megaphone marches beside them. Another man obscured at the edge of the photograph waves a large American flag in front of the crowd. Several other people in the crowd also hold banners and picket signs.

Young, David

Umatilla Bridge dedication

Marching bands in formation in front of a bandstand at the Oregon end of the Umatilla Bridge during the dedication ceremony for the bridge on April 15, 1955 (negative 3 of 11).

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

Tide Marker on Beach in Seaside, Oregon

Photograph of a flag planted on a beach in Oregon. A sign on the left side of the flagpole reads, "Tide Going Out," while a sign on the right side of the flagpole reads, "Tide Coming In." On the left, a child rides a small horse that is being led by another child. There are people in the ocean in the background. Stamp on the back of the print reads, "Photograph by F. Eugene Davis." Handwriting on the back of the print reads, "Seaside."

Davis, F. Eugene

Rose Festival Queen Shirley Louise Flowler visiting Veterans’ Hospital

Photograph showing Portland Rose Festival Queen Shirley Louise Flowler, standing on a balcony at Veterans’ Hospital in Portland. Beyond the balcony, an United States flag hangs on a pole. Flowler is holding a metal baton and looking out over the balcony, where hills can be seen in the distance (negative 5 of 5).

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

Quartermaster Corps flag at Vancouver Barracks

Two members of the United States Army hold a Quartermaster Corps flag. One man is kneeling and holding the base of a small flag pole, while another holds the flag. The pair is in front of a automobile, and other solders can be seen in the background (negative 12 of 17).

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

Production award pennants and U. S. flag flying at Albina Engine & Machine Works

Photograph showing a United States flag, a Navy “E” Award pennant (left), and an Army-Navy “E” Award pennant flying on a flagpole at the Albina Engine & Machine Works shipyard in Portland. The “E” awards were granted for outstanding wartime production efforts. The Navy “E” award was given until July 1942, and the combined Army-Navy “E” Award was given from July 1942 through August 1945. The Albina shipyard received the Army-Navy pennant with a star, shown in this photograph, in October 1942; a presentation ceremony was held on October 27, 1942. A star was given when award recipients maintained their performance record for six months after receiving the original award. Image note: The number 121 is written on the negative and is visible in the lower right corner. The text “Albina shipbuilding / 10/30/42” is written on the negative sleeve. The exact date is unconfirmed. Photograph shows spots of discoloration due to deterioration of the negative.

Presentation of Oregon state flag to crew of USS Constitution?

Photograph showing two unidentified women and four U. S. Navy officers standing in a row on a ship, holding a flag depicting a beaver. The photograph was probably taken on August 2, 1933, at a reception aboard the frigate USS Constitution after the ship arrived in Portland for a three-week visit as part of a national tour. In a front-page story on August 3, 1933, the Oregon Journal reported the following about the ceremony: “The outstanding feature of the reception was presentation of the official flag of Oregon to Commander [Henry] Hartley and the ship by the Daughters of 1812. Mrs. George H. Root, president, made the speech of presentation telling how glad the people of Portland were to have the privilege of visiting the great naval shrine and welcoming the officers and men. Miss Esther Allen Jobes, granddaughter of the founding president of the organization, presented the flag to the commander.” Also see image No. 371N0473.

Portland fairy tale parade

Children holding “STOP” flags at the Fairy Tale parade in Portland. A police officer looks at a young African American man, who smiles while holding a flag. Photographs from this series were published in the Oregon Journal on Friday, November 25, 1949 (negative 13 of 21).

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

People on the Promenade in Seaside, Oregon

Photograph looking down on the Seaside Turnaround and Promenade in Seaside, Oregon. Many people stand or sit on the promenade. Some talk in groups and others look at the beach and ocean. An American flag flies on a median in the turnaround, above a sign reading, "End of the Lewis and Clark Trail." In the background, people walk on the beach and swim in the ocean. Photograph taken looking southwest toward the ocean and Tillamook Head, both visible in the distance. Stamps on the back of the print for Arthur M. Prentiss, Commercial Photographer and Portland Engraving Co. Areas of the photograph were whitened after printing.

Prentiss, A. M. (Arthur M.)

Parade in Albany, Oregon

A crowd of people gathered for a parade in Albany, Oregon. There are several automobiles decorated with bunting on the street. The tracks for the Oregon Electric Railway are visible in the road. The street is decorated with bunting and American flags. A large banner above the street reads, "Albany the Railroad Center."

Parade in Albany, Oregon

A crowd of people gathered for a parade in Albany, Oregon. A float shaped like a battleship is on the street. The tracks for the Oregon Electric Railway are visible in the road. The street is decorated with bunting and American flags. A large banner partially obscured by a light pole reads, "Albany the Railroad Center."

Oregon Victory Girl Suzanne Burce, with Carol Worth and savings bond flag

A group of people standing behind a savings bond flag, including Suzanne Burce (center), wearing her Oregon Victory Girl Uniform. Second from the right is singer Carol Worth, also wearing a military style hat. Two men are holding the edges of the flag while the group stands in front of a board with numbers and signs (negative 11 of 18).

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

Memorial Day services at Willamette National Cemetery

People gathered for a Memorial Day service at Willamette National Cemetery, east of Portland in the Happy Valley area. Chairs have been arranged on the grass, as people stand to salute a group carrying flags (negative 1 of 6).

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

May Day rally march through downtown Portland, Oregon

Activists marching down a street in support of labor rights and immigration reform during a May Day rally in downtown Portland, Oregon on May 1, 2011. Several people hold banners, picket signs, and American flags. A silver police car with its lights flashing and a police officer on a bicycle move down a street in front of the crowd.

Portland Jobs with Justice

Liberty Temple at Portland, Oregon

A color postcard of the Liberty Temple in Portland Oregon. The temple is a white building in the classical style. There are several flags lining the top of the building, WWI soldiers flank the front steps, and a cannon sits in front of the building. A building committee led by Julius Meier constructed the temple building in downtown Portland in March of 1918 to host patriotic rallies and encourage participation in the Third Liberty Loan Drive during World War I. Text on the front of the postcard reads, "Liberty Temple at Portland, Oregon, Headquarters Third Liberty Loan Committee."

Jefferson Square - Longview, Washington

Photograph of Jefferson Square, also known as R.A. Long Park, in Longview, Washington. Typed label on the back of the print reads, "A portion of Jefferson Square, the civic center of Longview, Washington and of the flower beds in adjoining blocks. Jefferson Square is a six-acre park in the heart of Longview on which only buildings of a monumental character may front. On this picture are shown the first two of these buildings - Hotel Monticello, a six-story structure of 200 rooms each with bath and the Longview Public Library, a gift to the city." Writing on the bottom of the print reads, "Z.B.2379."


Lily E. White's houseboat, the Raysark with an unidentified person standing on the deck. The ship is decorated with bunting, several American flags, lanterns, and a banner that reads, "Raysark." Likely taken somewhere along the Columbia River. Caption from negative sleeve reads, "Houseboat, R-19, LW-19."

White, Lily E.

Hotel Monticello, Longview, Washington

Photograph of a long street with a median in Longview, Washington. Flowers, plants, and an American flag are displayed on the median. The Hotel Monticello is partially visible at the end of the street. Stamp on the back of the print for Arthur M. Prentiss, Commercial Photographer.

Prentiss, A. M. (Arthur M.)

Governor Patterson at the Umatilla Bridge dedication

Oregon governor Paul Patterson speaking from a raised grandstand during the dedication of the Umatilla Bridge. Chief Clarence Burke, George Spino and other members of the Confederated Tribes of Umatilla Indian Reservation are seated in front of the grandstand facing the audience. The stand is decorated in flags and bunting. The state flags for Washington and Oregon are displayed on the back wall with an American flag hung in the middle. (negative 3 of 9).

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

First day of school at Failing Elementary, Portland

Children stand in front of Failing Elementary school, on the first day of a new school year, watching two students raise an American flag on a pole. Photographs from this series were published in the Oregon Journal on Tuesday, September 7, 1948 (negative 1 of 18).

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

Elmers Flag Shop

Segment 1: Interview with owner of Elmer's Flag and Banner shop, Elmer Reider. Reider discusses flag sales during 1976 bicentennial and history of flag designs in the United States. Describes design elements and symbolism found in flags. Segment 2: (0:11:42) Second part of interview with Reider. Continues history of flag design. (0:16:14) Interstitial is footage of flags flying outdoors. Segment 3: (0:17:36) begins with choppy footage, resolving at 0:18:08. Group of actors rehearsing lines for a parody performance/play of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Segment 4: (0:26:24) Unidentified committee speaking with representative from the city attorney's' office about wording revisions to draft document relating to Red Cross' "policy and action recommendations." Representative mentions having worked with city attorney and Dean Gisvold in drafting the document.

The Video Access Project (Public Access Television Program)

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