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White, Lily E. Washington (State) cellulose nitrate film With digital objects
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Gorge landscape

Columbia River Gorge(?) view with a settlement and railroad tracks in the foreground. Caption from negative sleeve reads, "Landscape - River Gorge, R-48, LW2-29."

White, Lily E.

Submerged Forest

Tree trunks that are part of the Submerged Forest in the water of the Columbia River. Wind Mountain is visible in the background. Caption from negative sleeve reads, "Landscape, R52, LW2-33."

White, Lily E.

Tree on a Cliff

A tree growing on the edge of a cliff. There is a large body of water visible below with a settlement on the opposite shore. Likely taken in the Columbia River Gorge. Caption from negative sleeve reads, "Landscape - tree, water, R-68, LW2-49."

White, Lily E.