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Columbia River Gorge (Or. and Wash.) cellulose nitrate film English
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Group of men on snow-covered Columbia River Highway

Photograph showing a group of unidentified men, most wearing overcoats, hats, and ties, standing on the Columbia River Highway. The road is covered with snow, and an unidentified man with a shovel is standing on a high snowbank piled at left. On the road in the background is a snowplow. At right are railroad tracks. A mark that may be the number 2 or 4 is written on the negative and is visible in the lower left corner of the image.

Tree on a Cliff

A tree growing on the edge of a cliff. There is a large body of water visible below with a settlement on the opposite shore. Likely taken in the Columbia River Gorge. Caption from negative sleeve reads, "Landscape - tree, water, R-68, LW2-49."

White, Lily E.

Columbia River Gorge

Photograph, taken from the water’s edge, showing the Columbia River, rock faces, and forest along the shore in the Columbia River Gorge. See related image No. 371N5680. Image note: Light leaks on negative.

Aerial view of Hood River, Oregon, and Columbia River Gorge

Aerial photograph, looking east, showing the town of Hood River, Oregon, at center right; the Columbia River; and the hills of the Columbia River Gorge. A cropped version of this photograph was one of 10 that were published on the front page of the Oregon Journal Sunday magazine on June 5, 1932. The photographs accompanied a story, headlined “Looping the Loop by Air,” that recounted an airplane trip following the route of the Mount Hood Loop Highway and described the views from the air. The photographs had the following caption: “Glimpses of familiar scenery snapped by Roy Norr, Journal staff photographer, in ‘doing’ the Mont [sic] Hood Loop the air way.” This photograph had the following additional information: “Looking east up the Columbia Gorge airway.” See image Nos. 371N5679, 371N5698, 371N5703, 371N5704, 371N5717, and 371N5721, which were published on the same page as this photograph. Also see image Nos. 371N5699, 371N5700, 371N5701, and 371N5702, which were taken during the same trip. Image note: Light leak on negative.

Norr, Roy

Submerged Forest

Tree trunks that are part of the Submerged Forest in the water of the Columbia River. Wind Mountain is visible in the background. Caption from negative sleeve reads, "Landscape, R52, LW2-33."

White, Lily E.

Passing through Locks

Photograph taken from the deck of a boat passing through the opening gates of a lock. Likely Cascade Locks. Small groups of people are standing on the top of the lock walls on either side. Caption from negative sleeve reads, "Canal, 69, LW2-50."

White, Lily E.

Gorge landscape

Columbia River Gorge(?) view with a settlement and railroad tracks in the foreground. Caption from negative sleeve reads, "Landscape - River Gorge, R-48, LW2-29."

White, Lily E.