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Swan Island (Portland, Or.) Airplanes
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Frank M. Hawks’ airplane at Swan Island airport, Portland

Photograph showing pilot Frank M. Hawks’ monoplane at Swan Island airport in Portland on November 28, 1931. On the nose of the plane are the words “TEXACO NO. 13.” The photograph was taken as Hawks arrived for a brief visit to Portland. A cropped version of this photograph was one of three that were published on Page 3 of the Oregon Journal’s city edition on Sunday, November 29, 1931. The photographs were published under the headline “Three Hours From San Francisco.” They had the caption: “Captain Frank M. Hawks said his exact time from San Francisco to Portland Saturday was three hours and five minutes. But at that, he wasn’t trying for speed—just jogging along.” This photograph had the following additional caption information: “The noted flier’s noted plane, Texaco No. 13, as it rolled to a stop on Swan Island.” The photographs accompanied the continuation of a front-page story about Hawks. Also see image Nos. 374N0278 and 374N0299, which were published with this photograph, and image No. 374N0300.

Unidentified man fueling monoplane at Swan Island airport, Portland

Photograph showing an unidentified man standing on top of a monoplane and holding a fuel hose leading from a Signal tanker truck at right. A second unidentified man is standing next to the open rear doors of the truck and resting one hand on the hose. The photograph was taken at Swan Island airport in Portland. See related image Nos. 372A1311 and 372A1312. Image note: Light leak on negative.

Man in cockpit of airplane On-to-Oregon

Photograph of an unidentified man sitting in the cockpit of a Breese monoplane with the name “On-to-Oregon” on the side and the number X844 N” on the tail. A cropped version of this photograph was published on Page 1 of the Oregon Journal on Tuesday, July 22, 1930, under the headline “All Set for Good-Will Flight.” The photograph had the following caption: “The Breese monoplane On-to-Oregon, which is scheduled to take off from Swan Island airport, carrying good-will messages to the East, between 8 and 10 o’clock tonight. The flight, sponsored by On-to-Oregon, Inc., is planned to be made with only one stop—at Minneapolis.” The photograph accompanied a story headlined “Oregon Plane To Hop East Tonight.” According to the story, the plane was to be flown from Portland to New York by Major G. H. Eckerson, test pilot for Breese Aircraft.

Spectators at air circus, Swan Island, Portland

Photograph of a crowd outdoors behind a cordon. The photograph was probably taken on Sunday, June 10, 1928, at Swan Island airport during Portland’s second annual air circus. Behind the crowd is an airplane with the words “Standard of California” on the side. The plane, a tri-motor Ford-Stout owned by the Standard Oil Company, was on exhibit at Swan Island during the air show, according to a story about the event on Page 4 of the Oregon Journal on June 11, 1928. The Journal reported that more than 6,000 people attended the air show, which included stunts, races, parachuting, and a double wedding on a plane. See related image Nos. 371N1902, 371N2516, and 371N2520. Image note: The number 9 is written on the negative and is faintly visible in the lower right corner of the image.

Three men, one in Santa suit, with airplane

Photograph of two unidentified men, one of them dressed as Santa Claus, standing on the wing of a plane at the Swan Island airport in Portland. A third unidentified man is standing on the ground next to the wing and is reaching up to shake hands with the man in the Santa suit.

Crowd around Spirit of St. Louis before Lindbergh’s departure from Portland

Photograph of spectators gathered around Charles Lindbergh’s plane, the Spirit of St. Louis, at the Swan Island airfield in Portland on September 16, 1927, shortly before his departure for San Francisco. Lindbergh stopped in Portland during a flying tour of the United States, arriving on September 14, 1927. A cropped version of this photograph was one of four pictures published on Page 12 of the Oregon Journal on September 16, 1927, under the headline: “In the Glorious Early Morning as Lindy Sailed South.” The photograph had the following caption information: “The Spirit of St. Louis just before the hop-off.” The photograph accompanied the continuation of a front-page story about Lindbergh’s visit and departure.

Vincent, Ralph

Boeing F4B Navy fighter at Swan Island airport in Portland

Photograph of a Boeing F4B biplane, probably an F4B-4, at Swan Island airport in Portland. On the side of the plane is the word “Anacostia,” indicating the plane was based at Anacostia Naval Air Station near Washington, D. C. Two words of text are handwritten at the bottom of the negative. The first word begins with “H” but the rest of the word is unclear. The second word is “Plane.” The text is visible at the bottom right corner of the image.