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Guzman family at Wilson Camp in Willamette Valley, Oregon

The Guzman family stands on a dirt road at Wilson camp, a migrant labor camp in the Willamette Valley, Oregon. Cabins are visible in the background. Handwritten note on the back of the print reads, "Wilson Camp - L. Fidel Guzman, Maria Guzman, Maria Stella Guzman (14), Ophelia Guzman (12), F.L. - Marisella (2) and friend." This image was likely taken by staff of the Valley Migrant League's Opportunity News circa 1965 - 1968.

Dr. Wilson Record

Dr. Wilson Record looks down as he sits in a room with a bookshelf in the background. He is a Professor of Sociology at Portland State College, known today as Portland State University. He supports the unionization of farm workers. Handwritten note on the back of the print reads, "Dr. Wilson Record." This image was published in the Valley Migrant League's Opportunity News on July 21, 1967.

Alicia Martinez serves rice at party

Alicia Martinez serves rice at Ruby Ely's birthday party in Gaston, Oregon. Ely is the Valley Migrant League's Washington County Area Supervisor. This image was published in the Valley Migrant League's Opportunity News on May 13, 1966.

Reich, Peter

Sevastion Gostevskyh and daughter Maria

Russian immigrant Sevastion Gostevskyh holds his daughter Maria on his lap. He is one of 75 Russian orthodox immigrants taking English classes through the Valley Migrant League's adult education program in Canby, Oregon. Note on the back of the print reads, "Sevastian Goestevsky (sic.) and daughter Maria." This image was published in the Valley Migrant League's Opportunity News on February 24, 1967.

Boy Scout Mario Rios and Scoutmaster John Smith stand in front of airplane

Boy Scout Troop Leader Mario Rios (left) and Scoutmaster John Smith (right) stand in front of an airplane at the McMinnville Airport in McMinnville, Oregon. The Scout troop from Eola Village was visiting the airport when a pilot offered to take them for a ride in this airplane. This image was published in the Valley Migrant League's Opportunity News on July 29, 1966.

Group celebrates after boxing match at open house in Eola Village, Oregon

A group poses after a boxing match held at the Valley Migrant League's open house event in Eola Village, located in Yamhill County, Oregon. Pictured left to right in the back row are: Ramiro Olivarez, Jose Rios (Program Aide for the Valley Migrant League), Harold Lewis (State Representative for Yamhill County), Wayne Blake (winner of the boxing match who holds up both arms in the air), and Dr. Kenneth Holmes (Chairman of the Linfield College Human Relations Committee). Note on the back of the print reads, "John Smith photo." This image was published in the Valley Migrant League's Opportunity News on July 29, 1966.

Smith, John

Frime Gonzales wears a paper hat at daycare center in Hillsboro, Oregon

Toddler Frime Gonzales wears a paper hat at St. Matthew's daycare Center in Hillsboro, Oregon. The center offers daycare for the children of migrant workers. It is run by the Valley Migrant League and operated out of St. Matthew's Catholic Church. This image was published in the Valley Migrant League's Opportunity News on July 21, 1967.

Valley Migrant League photographs

  • Org. Lot 74
  • Collection
  • 1965 - 1968

Collection consists of photographs used by the Valley Migrant League (VML) for its program newspaper, "Opportunity News." Most of the photographs were taken by VML staff. Many of the individuals and places depicted in the prints and negatives in this collection were identified by Oregon Historical Society archivists from the corresponding articles in "Opportunity News."
Subjects depicted in the photographs include VML-sponsored adult education and vocational training programs, including photographs of classrooms, workshops, and businesses hosting work-training programs as well as portraits of program graduates and teachers. Also depicted are VML’s children’s daycare programs including photographs of children in the daycare centers and on educational field trips as well as community events, sports, and cultural celebrations including the Woodburn Fiesta Mexicana, May Day, and Christmas. Photographs in this collection also document living and working conditions for Migrant laborers including depictions of laborers in fields, operating agricultural equipment, and in labor camps, as well as rural healthcare and mobile medical clinics. Also represented in the collections is VML involvement in labor and community organizing, including meeting with political leaders and local picket lines in support of the Delano Grape Strike. The photographs in the collection also include portraits of many individuals associated with VML and the agricultural labor movement of the 1960s.

Valley Migrant League

Front Avenue, Portland

Photograph showing a street scene on SW Front Avenue, in Portland. A demolition site can be seen on one side of the street, with piles of bricks and debris. In the distance is a large four-story building (W.P. Fuller and Co building) with the tower from the the Public Market building behind. On the left side of the street is a sign for “Portland Prov. Co.” (negative 2 of 11).

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

Portland neighborhood children with bicycles

A group of children with bicycles at the corner of NE 32nd Pl. and NE Brazee St. in Portland. A man stands at the left side of the frame, holding pen and a piece of paper, while the children smile towards the camera (negative 17 of 28). Original sleeve title: Kids on our block.

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

Parrish Building SW Front Avenue, Portland

Photograph showing the Parrish building, on the corner of SW Front Avenue and SW Washington St., in Portland. A multistory building can be seen on the corner, next to other buildings featuring decorative window molding. Automobiles and trucks are parked on the street next to the building, one reading “Amato Bros.” (negative 1 of 11).

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

Two-story wooden building, SE Belmont St. and 6th ave., Portland

Photograph showing the exterior of a two-story wooden building on the northeast corner of SE Belmont St. and 6th Ave., that has bay windows on the second floor. A restaurant and tailor shop are located on the ground floor. A sign in a corner window of the upper floor reads: “FOR RENT / O. V. BADLEY / EAST 3154 / 825 S. E. Grand Avenue.” Cars are parked along the street outside the building. The spire of a church is visible in the background at center.

Vehicles on Union Ave., Portland

Photograph showing vehicles on Union Ave. in Portland. Streetcar tracks run down the center of the street. In the distance at center are a produce business and a General Gasoline station. In the background at right are signs that may read “Portland Auto Camp.” The number 6 is written on the negative and is visible in the lower right corner of the photograph. Image note: Photograph shows discoloration due to deterioration of the negative.

Portland residents in front of house on East 20th Street, circa 1905

Members of a family pose on the sidewalk in front of a 3-story house in Portland. Two women stand on either side of 3 children. A sign on the house indicates they are on E. 20th Street, located in present-day SE Portland. The cross street is likely Tibbetts St. The sidewalk is made of wooden planks and a dirt road runs in front of the house.

Portland residents on front porch of house, circa 1905

Members of a family stand on the front porch of a house in Portland. A man and 2 women look at the camera. One woman holds a stroller with a toddler inside. A little girl stands next to the stroller. A column on the porch of the house displays the numbers, "1503." This is likely a house on NE 11th Avenue in the present-day Woodlawn neighborhood of NE Portland.

Intersection of Adams and Oregon streets, Portland

Photograph showing the view looking north at the corner of Adams and Oregon Streets, taken from the east end of the Steel Bridge in Portland. The photograph shows streetcar tracks and overhead wires, and parked cars and buildings lining the street. At right is a Mack truck dealership located at 285 Oregon St (now 7 NE Oregon St.).

Glass negatives of Early Portland residential scenes

  • Org. Lot 1417
  • Collection
  • Circa 1905

Collection consists of glass plate negatives that depict Portland residents and houses, circa 1905. Several photographs feature Portland families or residents posing inside or outside their homes. All of the people pictured are unidentified except for a man who is likely Dr. O.C. Blaney, pictured next to a house displaying a sign that bears his name. The negatives do not include information about the locations depicted in the photographs, but the images likely portray early neighborhoods on the east side of the Willamette River. The negatives were found in a house in Northeast Portland, and a few images show places identifiable as the east side of Portland. Subjects include houses, porches, gardens, families, portraits, and construction projects. Other images depict the Oregon Coast and agricultural work.

Mount Tabor Villa broadside

The front side of a broadside produced for the Hart-Royal Co. advertising plots of land for sale in Mount Tabor Villa. The neighborhood is part of today’s Montavilla neighborhood in Portland, Oregon. The broadside includes a birds-eye view map, a plat map of available plots for purchase, and a map of Portland showing the neighborhood in relation to the rest of the city.

A. Anderson & Co. Lithography (Portland, Or.)

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