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United States cellulose nitrate film Image With digital objects English
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USS Constitution and tugboat off Swan Island, Portland

Photograph, taken from shore, showing the frigate USS constitution and an accompanying tugboat under way on the Willamette River in Portland in August 1933. A small group of spectators are watching from the beach. In the background is Swan Island, where the frigate was moored while the ship and crew were in Portland from August 2 to August 22, 1933. The visit was part of a national tour.

Unveiling of David Campbell memorial, Portland

Photograph showing a crowd of seated people at the memorial to Portland Fire Chief David Campbell during the monument’s unveiling on Thursday, June 28, 1928. The memorial is between Southwest Alder Street and Southwest 18th and 19th avenues. Campbell was killed on June 26, 1911, while fighting a fire at the Union Oil distribution plant. A cropped version of this photograph was published on Page 2 of the Oregon Journal on Friday, June 29, 1928, under the headline “Statue Unveiled to City’s Firemen Dead.” The photograph had the following caption: “Cenotaph’s formal presentation to the city marks exact hour of 17 years ago when Fire Chief David Campbell was buried. This memorial at 19th and Washington streets [sic], is a tribute to him and all firemen who have died in line of duty.” The photograph accompanied a story headlined “Myrtyred [sic] Chief Honored; Statue to Him Unveiled.”

United States National Bank building, Portland

Photograph showing the front of the United States National Bank building in Portland and cars passing on the street. The photograph was taken from the corner of 6th and Stark streets, now Southwest 6th Avenue and Southwest Stark Street. The number 7 is written on the negative and is partially visible at the top of the image.

Union Station and 6th Street, Portland

Photograph, looking north on Sixth Street (now NW 6th Avenue), showing Union Station at center. At left and right are buildings and parked cars along Sixth. On the buildings at left are signs for the Boyd Hotel and the Newport Restaurant. On the building in the foreground at right are signs for William Volker & Co. and the Washington Cycle & Supply Co. An unidentified man in uniform, possibly a Portland police uniform is standing on the corner at right. A mark that could be the letter “p” or “d” is written on the negative and is visible in the lower right corner of the image.

Union Oil tanker Lyman Stewart stranded at entrance to San Francisco Bay

Photograph, taken from the side, showing a ship, the Lyman Stewart, stranded on rocks at the entrance to San Francisco Bay after a collision with the freighter Walter A. Luckenbach in October 1922. Alongside the Lyman Stewart are three boats. On the negative is the text “Ashore at Mile Rk. [two words, not legible] / Union Oil Tanker Lyman Stewart.” Image note: Light leaks. Possibly a copy negative.

Union Avenue and Shaver Street, Portland

Photograph showing buildings, streetcar tracks, and parked cars on Union Avenue (now Northeast Martin Luther King Boulevard) in Portland. The photograph was taken at the intersection of Union and Shaver Street (now Northeast Shaver Street), and the view is toward the south. At far left, an unidentified woman is standing on the sidewalk at the corner of Union and Shaver. On the building behind her is a sign for the Ryan Sweet Shop. Image note: The number 9 is written on the negative and is visible in the lower right corner of the image.

Uniformed men marching in parade

Photograph of an unidentified group of men in uniform marching in a parade in Portland. They are downtown, on Yamhill Street near the intersection with Park Avenue. The street is lined with spectators. Image note: Light leaks on negative.

Uniformed men marching in parade

Photograph of unidentified men in uniform marching in a parade in Portland. They are downtown, on Yamhill Street near the intersection with Park Avenue. The street is lined with spectators. Image note: Light leaks on negative.

Unidentified woman, full-length portrait

Full-length portrait of an unidentified woman standing on steps outside the Journal Building (now the Jackson Tower) in Portland. She is facing slightly left and is wearing a sweater, collared blouse, and skirt. She is holding one hand to her hair and holding a purse in the other hand. See related image No. 377N0050.

Unidentified woman in doorway of Mary Cullen’s Cottage, Journal Building, Portland

Three-quarters portrait of an unidentified woman standing in the open door of Mary Cullen’s Cottage in the Journal Building (now the Jackson Tower) in Portland. The sign for the Mayfair Theater is visible in the background. Mary Cullen’s Cottage was part of the Oregon Journal’s household information department and housed a demonstration kitchen. Image note: Photograph shows discoloration due to deterioration of the negative.

Unidentified people aboard Point Adams Coast Guard station motorboat

Photograph showing unidentified people aboard a U. S. Coast Guard motorboat. Written on the negative sleeve is the following unverified text: “Point Adams Lifeguard Station / ‘New motorboat of lifeguard in which Bjelland and his men went out in the gale to the rescue of the Floridian’ / 10/22/1934.” “Bjelland” probably refers to Lars Bjelland, a Coast Guardsman at the Point Adams station. The caption may refer to a storm that occurred the weekend of October 21-22, 1934, which damaged the steamship Floridian. Also see image Nos. 371N0241, 371N5711, 371N5712, 371N5713, and 371N5715.

Unidentified men with airplane hitched to tow truck at A. L. Campbell Auto Towing, Portland

Photograph showing several unidentified men looking at a parked tow truck outside A. L. Campbell Auto Towing in Portland. Hitched to the back of the truck is an airplane. The plane’s propeller is tied to the boom of the truck, and its back end of its fuselage is resting on two wheels. The plane’s wings are lashed to the top of the fuselage. The second man from left is wearing a coat with the text “G. G. Gerber” on the back.

Unidentified men at Union Station, Portland?

Photograph showing four men standing outdoors near a building, possibly Union Station in Portland. All four are wearing overcoats, and the man in the center is holding a wreath of flowers with a sign that reads “For you a Rose in Portland grows / Junior Chamber of Commerce / Portland.” Three of the men are unidentified; the second man from the left, who is obscured by the man in front of him, is George L. Baker. See related image Nos. 371N0097, 371N0100, 371N0101, 371N0102, 371N0103, 371N0104, 377N0148, and 377N0149.

Unidentified member of Oregon Pioneer Association at 1931 reunion

Half-length portrait of an unidentified woman attending the 59th reunion of the Oregon Pioneer Association in Portland on Thursday, June 18, 1951. She is facing front, looking to the left, and wearing a hat and coat. Pinned to her coat is a reunion ribbon with the date 1853 in large numbers at the top and below it, a picture of La Fayette Grover, who was governor of Oregon from 1870 to 1877.

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