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Temporary train depot, Albany, Oregon

A temporary train depot for the Oregon Electric Railway at the intersection of E. Fifth and Lyon Street in Albany, Oregon. A group of people are gathered in front of the wooden building with a small ticket booth and covered, open-air seating area. The building is decorated with bunting and American flags and there is a sign with "Albany" written on the roof. Handwritten caption from the back of the photograph reads, "Temporary Depot at Albany, OERY."

Oregon Electric Railway Arrival, Albany, Oregon

A crowd of people gathered on a sidewalk in front of railway tracks on a street in Albany, Oregon. Typed caption from the back of the print reads, "Business men of Portland and members of their families turn out by the hundreds to assist the citizens of Albany, Portland's sister city, in the celebration of the coming of electric transportation to the famous Willamette Valley."

Seth Luelling house in Milwaukie

The home of orchardist Seth Luelling, at 10966 McLoughlin Blvd, before it was demolished in 1940. Luelling is known for developing the Bing Cherry. In front of the two story home is a cut tree, and sign that reads “Milwaukie Shopping Center, Lowest Chain Store Prices, Get Them All at One Stop, Milwaukie Grocery” and “Milwaukie Hardware” (negative 1 of 8).

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

Spokane, Portland, and Seattle Railway photographs

  • Org. Lot 78
  • Collection
  • 1890 - 1979

Photographs taken for the Burlington Northern Railroad and the Spokane, Portland, and Seattle Railway. Subjects include railroad stations and yards; railroad tracks; trains; train wrecks; railroad bridge construction and maintenance; and railroad personnel, throughout Oregon and Washington. There are also photographs of various towns and landscapes Oregon, Washington, and California, through which the railroads passed, including images of the construction of the Bonneville Dam, the Columbia River and Columbia River Gorge, Mount Hood, and other mountains and lakes. The collection additionally contains photographs of people engaged in various recreations, including hiking, as well as a number of photographs relating to agriculture in the Pacific Northwest. There is also one photograph album containing interior and exterior photographs of the Reserved Seat Coach-Cafe Car of the Spokane, Portland, and Seattle Railway in 1939. Photographers include Photo-Art Comercial Studios and Arthur M. Prentiss of Portland, Or., among many others.

Oregon Wine Archives Oral History Project

  • SR Oregon Wine Oral History Series
  • Collection
  • 1990-2003

The Oregon Wine Archives, established at the Oregon Historical Society (OHS) Library, preserves the history of the wine growing industry in Oregon through the collection of various media, including manuscripts, photographs, artifacts, films, and oral histories.

From 2002 to 2003, OHS conducted interviews with notable figures in the wine growing industry, including vintners, vineyard growers, community members, and workers active in the development of Oregon’s wine industry.

The oral interviews collected through this project aim to facilitate better historical understanding in the following areas:

· the process of growing grapes and how it has changed
· the process of wine making and how it has changed
· the experiences and perceptions of people in the wine industry
· how the wine making business has changed
· insight on events related to the wine industry
· community attitudes toward wine and the wine industry
· the economic and social evolution of the wine industry in Oregon
· lobbying and legislative efforts on behalf of the wine industry

Lily E. White photographs

  • Org. Lot 662
  • Collection
  • 1900-1905

Collection consists of 43 photographs taken by Lily E. White and other members of the Oregon Camera Club between 1900 and 1905. The photographs depict landscape scenes of the Columbia River Gorge, the Pacific coast, and Mount Hood. Also included are posed portraits of members of the Klikitat and other Columbia River tribes. The photographs are mounted platinum prints and all but two of the prints are signed by the artist. 38 of the photographs are part of a tooled suede leather portfolio. The portfolio also contains prints signed by Sarah Hall Ladd, Will H. Walker, and Maud Ainsworth. In addition to the portfolio, the collection also contains five prints signed by Lily E. White from a separate accession.

White, Lily E.

Lily E. White negatives

  • Org. Lot 1415
  • Collection
  • 1900-1915

Collection consists of negatives from the estate of Lily E. White. They are attributed to White but some of the photographs were possibly taken by Sarah Hall Ladd. The photographs date from approximately 1900-1915. Topical highlights in the collection include landscape views of the Columbia River Gorge, Garden scenes and flower photographs taken at the home of Charles Elliott Ladd and Sarah Hall Ladd, and interior and exterior views of Lily E. Whites’ houseboat, The Raysark. Also included in the collection are photographs and scrapbook pages taken during trips to Yellowstone National Park, Yosemite National Park, and along the coast near Carmel, California.

White, Lily E.

Astoria Column - Astoria, Oregon

Negative of a photographic postcard showing the Astoria Column in Astoria, Oregon. A few people stand on the viewing platform at the top of the column. A portion of an automobile is visible in the right foreground. Handwritten note on envelope reads, "Astor Column. Astoria, OR. 1952."

Air Facilities at Odell Summit Lodge - Cascade Summit, Oregon

Negative of a photographic postcard showing a float plane on the edge of a lake. A group of people are onshore behind the plane. A large wooden building, the Odell Summit Lodge, is visible in the trees behind the plane. Handwriting on negative reads, "Air facilities at Odell Summit Lodge, Cascade Summit, Oregon. Christian S-488."

Christian (Photographer)

Deschutes River - Maupin, Oregon

Negative of a photographic postcard showing the Deschutes River flowing through the town of Maupin, Oregon. Sagebrush covers a slope in the foreground leading down to the river. Handwriting on negative reads, "Deschutes River - Maupin, Oregon. Christian S-81."

Christian (Photographer)

Petrified Forest Oregon Caves, Oregon

Negative of a photographic postcard showing stalagmites and stalactites in a cave at the Oregon Caves National Monument in Oregon. This area of the cave is known as the "Petrified Forest." Handwriting on negative reads, "Petrified Forest Oregon Caves, Oregon. Christian S-410A." This phrase is written twice on the negative.

Christian (Photographer)

Rotunda from North Side State Capitol - Salem, Oregon

Negative of a photographic postcard showing the interior of the rotunda in the Oregon State Capitol in Salem, Oregon. Taken from the ground floor, 2 murals adorn the walls, and a door to the left is marked, "Governor." Handwriting on negative reads, "Rotunda from North side State Capitol Salem, Oregon. Christian S-418." The top right corner of the image is cut off.

Christian (Photographer)

Snow Fields - Three Sisters, Oregon

Negative of a photographic postcard showing a cracked patch of ice and snow along the summit ridge of a mountain. The mountain peak is in the background. Handwriting on negative reads, "Snow Fields - Three Sisters - Oregon. Christian S-371."

Christian (Photographer)

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