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Gerry Frank driving a Meier & Frank automobile

A photograph of Gerry Frank sitting in the driver's seat of an automobile. Six additional passengers are visible in the vehicle with Frank. The letters, "M&F" are painted on the door of the automobile in the style of the logo for the Meier & Frank Department Store.

McEwan Photo Shop (Salem, Or.)

First Train on New SP&S Welded Rails

Photograph showing 2 men standing next to a locomotive. The locomotive has a sign taped to it that reads, "First train on new SP&S welded rails, 77 miles John Day Dam relocation, Corps of Engineers." The man on the left wears a military uniform and a name tag that reads, "Yates." The man on the right wears a hard hat and points toward the locomotive. Stamp on the back of the print for Jim Vincent, Staff Photographer, The Oregonian.

Vincent, James Colin, 1931-2018

Damage from 1964 Christmas Flood, canal

Photograph showing damage to a fenced area due to the 1964 Christmas Flood (likely in the Clackamas River area). An man-made canal can be seen on the right side of the frame, with damaged fencing running along the river to the left. Much of the fencing appears to have fallen downhill towards the rapidly moving river. In the foreground, two men in long jackets face away from the camera. (Image note: see related image PGE 64-606-8.2).

1964 Christmas Flood, spillway

Photograph showing a spillway structure during the 1964 Christmas flood (taken December of 1964). Water can be seen rapidly spilling down the structure, with a small building visible at the far side of the river. High water levels can be seen upriver, in addition to forested hillsides and trees.

Scenic view of Willamette Falls

Photograph showing water cascading down Willamette Falls in Oregon City. Industrial buildings can be seen just above the falls, with a rocky cliff and houses visible in the background. Above the waterfall is a spillway. Written one of the of large industrial buildings is "Publishers Paper Co."

Spillways at Bonneville Dam

Photograph of water rushing out of the spillways of the Bonneville Dam in the Columbia River Gorge. Taken from the Washington side of the dam. A person leans over a railing on the lower right, watching the scene. A cloud of mist rises from the water. Stamp on the back of the print reads, "Restricted Photograph: Do not reproduce without written license agreement, Photo-Art Commercial Studios."

Photo-Art Commercial Studios (Portland, Or.)

Diesel Electric Locomotive #5700

Photograph showing the Great Northern Railway's engine #5700. Typed note on the back of the print reads, "The Great Northern Railway's no. 5700, a diesel-electric locomotive developing 2,700-horsepower, and in passenger and freight service between the Twin Cities and Duluth. The unit weighs 220 tons, is 96.5 feet long and had a maximum speed of 85 miles and hour. Return to: Charles W. Moore, Great Northern Ry., Executive Department, St. Paul, Minn. Bull-2--41"

Fishing vessel near refrigerated railcar, Astoria, Oregon

Two members of a fishing boat crew prepare to unload a barrel of black cod from a boat onto a pier. A third crew member takes notes. The boat has a banner that reads, "Eardley." A refrigerated railcar is visible on the pier in the background. Handwritten note on back of print reads, "Unloading black cod from boat at Eardley Dock. An express refrigerator in background." Stamp on back reads, "If this photograph is used for reproduction, kindly use the following credit line: Hedrich-Blessing Studio."

Hedrich-Blessing (Firm)

A ship anchored at the port terminals in Vancouver, Washington

A ship anchored at the port terminals in Vancouver, Washington. The S. P. & S. Railway grain elevators are visible in the distance. "Luckenbach" is painted on the side of the ship and smoke is coming out of its central stack. The handwritten description from the back of the photograph reads, "Port terminals, Vancouver, Wa. and SP+S Railway Company grain elevators with bulk storage capacity of 2,852,000 bushels. Leased to Archer Daniels Midland Company."

Oregon Trunk Railway tracks through Maupin, Oregon

View of Maupin, Oregon taken from the top of a rimrock. Railroad tracks for the Oregon Trunk Railway run along the Deschutes River at the edge of the town. The typed description on the back of the photograph reads, "Oregon Trunk Tracks, station, grain elevator, and Deschutes River at Maupin, Ore."

Photo-Art Commercial Studios (Portland, Or.)

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