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Four young people in costume, posing outdoors

Portrait of four unidentified people, possibly teenagers, standing in a row on a lawn. Each of them has one hand in the air and the other on one hip. They are wearing matching hats in the style of a mitre, loose white shirts, and calf-high shoe covers. Two of the four are wearing matching skirts, and the other two are wearing matching shorts.

Four young dancers, posing outdoors

Portrait of four unidentified girls in matching dresses and headpieces. They are posing in a row with hands joined, and are wearing what may be tap shoes. They are standing on a lawn. Cars and a building are partially visible in the background.

Young actors? in French-themed costumes

Portrait of four unidentified young people, probably actors in a play or musical, posing in French-themed costumes. The performers on the left and right are bowing to each other; the two in the center are raising clasped hands. Two of the performers are wearing dresses and two are wearing matching jackets and knickers. All four are wearing wigs. Image note: Light leak on negative.

Young dancer doing handstand

Portrait of an unidentified girl doing a handstand. She is wearing what a dance costume and shoes. Another person is partially in the frame on the left side. The number 4 is written on the negative and is visible in the lower left corner of the image.

Two unidentified children hanging food on tree in snowy forest

Photograph of two unidentified children in a snowy forest. The child on the left is holding a sled and watching the child on the right, who is hanging what may be an apple on a small tree between them. What appears to be bread and other items are hanging from other branches on the tree. The children are both wearing hats, coats, mittens, and heavy pants. See related image No. 371N2936.

Tommy Luke playing Santa at Christmas party for orphans

Photograph of children gathered around a man dressed as Santa Claus, crouching in front of a stack of wrapped gifts. The man is Tommy Luke; the children are unidentified. This photograph and two others were published on Page 1 of the Oregon Journal on December 18, 1934, under the headline “Breakfast Clubbers Prove Santa Real.” The photographs accompanied a story about the party, titled “Santa Claus Hails Orphans at Breakfast.” The party was held at Hotel Portland, and more than 100 children attended. The party included music and clowns, and the children were given gifts and gray tin helmets. See image No. 371N0477, which was published with this image, and image No. 371N0962, which was not published with the story but may also have been taken at the party.

Children posing outside hospital? with Santa Claus and reindeer

Photograph showing a group of children, some in bed and some using crutches, posing with nurses, a man dressed as Santa Claus, and a man holding a reindeer by a halter. They are gathered on the sidewalk outside brick buildings. Some of the children are holding cards with the words “Santa’s Reindeer” and a reindeer illustration on the front. The people in the photograph are unidentified. Image note: Photograph shows discoloration due to deterioration of the negative.

Girls in ceremony at park

Photograph showing unidentified girls in a park; they are wearing light-colored dresses and may be performing in a May Day celebration. Some of the girls are standing in two lines to form an aisle, and others are walking down the aisle past them. Two young girls in front are carrying baskets and appear to be tossing flower petals on the ground as they walk. A crowd of spectators is visible in the background.

Crowd of girls in uniforms

Photograph showing a crowd of unidentified girls outdoors. They are wearing matching long-sleeved blouses and neckerchiefs. Image note: Photograph shows discoloration due to deterioration of the negative.

Children and nurses at unidentified event

Photograph showing seven children outdoors with two women in nurses’ uniforms. The nurses are sitting on a bench and holding several of the children on their laps; the other children are sitting on the bench next to the nurses. One of the children is holding a box, and another is holding a basket. Behind the bench is a crowd of people, also primarily children. The people in the photograph are unidentified.

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