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Snow Image With digital objects
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Leif Flak on skis

Photograph of a man, probably Leif Flak of the Seattle Ski Club, balancing on skis on a narrow track through a snowbank, probably on Mount Hood. The name “Leif Flek [sic]” and the number 4 are written on the negative and are visible on the right side of the image.

River Mill, camp

Photograph showing the camp at the River Mill Dam site, taken from the top of the railroad bridge. Snow blankets the ground throughout the image, and numerous wooden buildings an be seen. Written on the negative is “82M.”

Silver thaw, Grand Avenue

Photograph showing a Grand Avenue with a layer of snow and ice. Damaged utility poles and electric lines can be seen in the center of the street, as well as the right side of the frame next to a decorative railing. Buildings with advertisements can be seen to either side of the street.

Silver thaw, East Glisan near East 39th Avenue

Photograph showing a group of people with a street car after a snow fall. The people are using tools and shovels to clear snow around the street car train, which is attached to an electric line above. On the side of the train is “P.R.L & P. Co.” Ice laden electric lines can be seen above and around the train, with buildings visible in the background.

Bull Run, Little Sandy Dam bridge

Photograph taken from a high angle showing a bridge over the Little Sandy River during snowfall. In the distance, men can be seen spraying water out of a hose towards the river. On the left side of the bank is a wooden structure surrounded by trees. Is the distance, snowy trees can be seen on a hillside. Written on the negative is “0261.”

"D.115. From Rooster Rock to Oneonta Falls. Cape Horn, from Bridal Veil."

View of Cape Horn across the river on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge, taken from Bridal Veil, Oregon during the winter storm of 1884-1885. This plate is part of an album of Watkin’s New Series photographs originally owned by Charles H. Prescott, manager of the Oregon Railroad and Navigation Co.

Watkins, Carleton E., 1829-1916

Two unidentified children hanging food on tree in snowy forest

Photograph of two unidentified children in a snowy forest. The child on the left is holding a sled and watching the child on the right, who is hanging what may be an apple on a small tree between them. What appears to be bread and other items are hanging from other branches on the tree. The children are both wearing hats, coats, mittens, and heavy pants. See related image No. 371N2936.

People and cars on Columbia River Highway? in winter

Photograph showing several unidentified people and three cars on a road, probably the Columbia River Highway. Deep snowbanks line the road at right and in the background. The photograph may have been taken in February 1922. See related image Nos. 373G0518, 373G0519, 373G0520, 373G0521, 373G0522, 373G0523, 373G0525, 373G0526, 373G0527, 373G0528, and 373G0529.

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