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Cartes-de-Visite photographs Oregon With digital objects
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Adair, Inez and Ward, Florence

Full length portrait of three children. Two of the children are identified as Florence Ward and Inez Adair. The third child is unidentified. Transcription from back: “Florence Ward and Inez Adair, 1836?”

Ellsworth & Cardwell (Portland, Or.)

Curry, Gov. George L.

Transcription from front: “Gov. Geo. L Curry & w - 18__.” Transcription from back: “Letter from George Curry to W.H. Rees, March 31, 1874. ‘I send you in answer to your request a photography of wife and self from a picture at the time I held office, 1855. It is the only one we have.’ (Chloe Boone is his wife).”

Buchtel & Stolte


Transcription from front: “__ Foster, son of Daniel B. Foster.”

Thwaites Studio (Photographer)


Transcription from back: “Mrs. Gibson, with [ ] Addie boarded when attending St. Helen’s Hall.”

Joseph Buchtel Studio (Photographer)

Greer, Elwin and Will

Transcription from back: “Taken at Dallas Oregon, Aug. 10, ‘70, Therm. about 95 degrees. Boys were worried by the slow artist. Elwin’s birthday, he was 5. Will 3. Sons of Geo. H. Greer.”

Helm, Nettie

Transcription from back: “Nettie Helm, daughter of Elizabeth Sager Helm. Gift of Myra Helm.”

M. F. Wilhoit Studio (Photographer)

Kent, Edward

Transcription from back: “Edw. Kent, aged 19 yrs. (1864) Son of D.B. & Horace Kent, Pioneer of 1853.”

D. H. Hendee Studio (Photographer)

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