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Hillsboro office

Photograph showing the interior of the Hillsboro office for the Portland Electric Power Company (PEPCO). A large two-sided counter faces the front of the office, with several smaller desks in the center of the photograph.

Two receptionists at desk

Photograph showing two receptionists behind a wooden built-in desk with glass dividers. Behind the women is a large photograph of a dam structure with flowing water. Both of the women look downward at their desk. On the negative is written "49-271." (Image note: see related image PGE 49-52).

Split level office space

Photograph showing a large split level office space. On the right side of the frame, a stairway leads upwards towards a second level. On the left side, several empty desks can be seen, with name plates for "James Schardein" and "Paul W. Evitt." Written on the negative is "49-269."

Receptionists working at desks

Photograph showing two receptionists working at desks in an office space. Both individuals are facing forward at their desks while looking downward. The woman towards the back of the image appears to be speaking on a telephone headset, while the front receptionists works on a typewriter. On the negative is written "49-272."

Man at desk

Photograph showing a man in a suit sitting at a wooden desk. He holds a cigar in his right hand and is looking at the camera. Stacks of paper and books can be seen in the desk and table next to the man, and a "Portland Chamber of Commerce" calendar for April 1949 can be seen in the background. On the negative is written "49-47."