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Aerial view of Cascade Locks, Oregon; Columbia River; and Bridge of the Gods

Aerial photograph, looking roughly southwest, showing the Columbia River and the Bridge of the Gods. At upper left is the town of Cascade Locks, Oregon. A cropped version of this photograph was one of 10 that were published on the front page of the Oregon Journal Sunday magazine on June 5, 1932. The photographs accompanied a story, headlined “Looping the Loop by Air,” that recounted an airplane trip following the route of the Mount Hood Loop Highway and described the views from the air. The photographs had the following caption: “Glimpses of familiar scenery snapped by Roy Norr, Journal staff photographer, in ‘doing’ the Mont [sic] Hood Loop the air way.” This photograph had the following additional information: “Cascade Locks and the Bridge of the Gods.” See image Nos. 371N5679, 371N5698, 371N5703, 371N5716, 371N5717, and 371N5721, which were published on the same page as this photograph. Also see image Nos. 371N5699, 371N5700, 371N5701, and 371N5702, which were taken during the same trip. Image note: Light leak on negative.

Norr, Roy

Wilson River Road construction

Photograph showing a bridge on the Wilson River Road in Oregon. At the other side of the bridge is a dirt slope, with what appears to be recently burned trees. On the left side of the frame is decorative pillar at the corner of the bridge (negative 5 of 16).

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

Wilson River Road construction

Photograph showing a side view of a bridge on Wilson River Road. A stream is running under the bridge towards the right of the frame, between several metal tower support structures (negative 6 of 16).

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

Bridge over Oregon Slough on Vancouver Line

Photograph of unidentified bridge crossing body of water, with shoreline visible at right side of image. Taken from a straight vantage point looking down the tracks, a train can be seen in the distance, as well as numerous wooden buildings and electric lines. Likely the same bridge shown in PGE 132-1.

Sandy River bridge

Photograph taken to the side of a wooden bridge across the Sandy River. Two men work at the top of the bridge, with two other individuals standing further in the distance. At the base of the bridge is ferns and other plant life.

Bull Run, Little Sandy Dam bridge

Photograph taken from a high angle showing a bridge over the Little Sandy River during snowfall. In the distance, men can be seen spraying water out of a hose towards the river. On the left side of the bank is a wooden structure surrounded by trees. Is the distance, snowy trees can be seen on a hillside. Written on the negative is “0261.”

Bull Run, Big Sandy bridge

Photograph showing a wooden bridge at the Big Sandy Dam (likely the Marmot Dam). Water is flowing under the bridge, and in the distance several wooden structures and utility poles are visible. Written on the negative is “B.S.4.” (Image note: some discoloration visible at left side of image).

Cottages at Three Lynx

Photograph showing cottages at Three Lynx taken from downhill and looking upward. A raised train track runs in front of the buildings. One building has smoke coming from a chimney (image note: negative sleeve title uses “Three Links”).

Cazadero Dam, suspension bridge at powerhouse

Photograph taken from a side angle, looking across a suspension bridge at Cazadero Dam/Station G. The bridge leads to steps, which go to the top of the hill across the water. Several buildings and transmission poles can be seen at the top of the hill. On the left side of the frame, the edge of a brick building can be seen.

Group standing on bridge

Photograph showing men and women standing on a wooden bridge with one railing over an unidentified river. The men are wearing suits without top jackets, and a small building can be seen in the background. On the side of the negative is written "49-205."

People fishing near Rogue River Bridge

People stand on a beach in front of the Rogue River Bridge (also known as the Isaac Lee Patterson Bridge). Several people are holding fishing poles, and one man is bending downwards towards the ground (negative 15 of 15).

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

Oyster flats and workers at Coos Bay

Two men with baskets stand next to a flat barge piled with mud and oysters. The barge sits on an oyster flat, which stretches towards the Coos Bay Bridge (later called the Conde B. McCullough Memorial Bridge) (negative 4 of 8).

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

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