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Major George E. Sandy presents U. S. history books for library of USS Constitution

Photograph, taken aboard the frigate USS Constitution, showing Major George E. Sandy (third from left) presenting a two-volume set of James Truslow Adams’ “March of Democracy” for the ship’s library on August 18, 1933. The presentation occurred during the ship’s three-week visit to Portland as part of a national tour. A cropped version of this photograph was published on Page 2 of the Oregon Journal on the day of the presentation. The photograph had the headline “Democracy Marches on ‘Old Ironsides.’ ” It had the following caption: “Presentation of a set of United States history books to the library of the frigate Constitution Friday morning by major George E. Sandy on behalf of Rose City post No. 35, American legion. Left, Boatswain’s Mate First Class Metress; Commander Louis J. Gulliver, commanding the ship; Major Sandy, presenting the books; Lieutenant Commander Henry Hartley, executive officer, and Marine Sergeant Billett.” The photograph accompanied a story, headlined “Frigate Gets History She Helped Make.” The story gave the following explanation about the gift of the books: “When the ship arrived in Portland, it was discovered that the library issued by the bureau of navigation did not have a history of the United States or an English dictionary. Lieutenant David W. Tolson commented on the lack and the embarrassment caused at times when questions on points of history were asked. The comment was overheard by Sandy, who set about to rectify the condition.”

Juanita Constante's daughter looks up as her mother reads to her

A young girl looks up toward her mother (off-camera) who reads a book to her. The girl is the daughter of Juanita Constante. Constante taught herself how to speak English and now reads books to her daughters. She takes adult education classes through the Valley Migrant League. This image was published in the Valley Migrant League's Opportunity News on October 28, 1966.

Carrasco, Priscilla

Boys in front of bookcase

Four unidentified boys stand in front of a bookcase filled with books. One boy stands on a shelf of the bookcase with his hands on his hips. This image was likely taken by staff of the Valley Migrant League's Opportunity News circa 1965 - 1968.

Boy reading in classroom

A boy sits at a desk in a classroom, holding an open book and reading. A girl sits at another desk in the background. This image was likely taken by staff of the Valley Migrant League's Opportunity News circa 1965 - 1968.