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Agricultural facilities

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Senti family barn, site of murder

Photograph showing the Senti family barn near Vancouver, Washington, where Tobias Senti killed his wife. A cropped version of this photograph was one of four that were published on Page 2 of the Oregon Journal on Wednesday, April 25, 1928. The photographs were published under the headline “Family of Four is Wiped Out.” They had the caption: “Scenes at the Tobias Senti home north of Vancouver [Washington], where Senti on Tuesday slew his wife and little son and daughter with a hatchet, and then blew himself to eternity with dynamite.” This photograph had the following additional caption information: “Barn in which the body of Mrs. Senti was found.” The photographs accompanied the continuation of a front-page story about the deaths. See related image Nos. 371N3380, 371N3508, 371N5861, and 371N5875.

Son of John S. Howland, Corbett

A son of John S. Howland, of Brower Road in Corbett, holding a cow and standing outside a barn. Snow can be seen on the roof of the barn and the ground. A photograph from this series was published in the Oregon Journal on Wednesday, December 29, 1948 (negative 10 of 11). Original sleeve title: “Poor family.”

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

Out of her Element

A woman, possibly Lily E. White, standing with her back to the camera. There is a barn in the background. Caption from negative sleeve reads, "Out of her Element, R-3, LW-3."

White, Lily E.

Snow on Skyline Road, Portland

Freshly fallen snow near the George Hidoff farm, at N.W. Skyline Boulevard and N.W. Springville Road in Portland. Automobile tracks can be seen in the snow, with a wooden barn building across the road (5 of 12).

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

Daybreak Stock Ranch, Clark County, Washington

A farmhouse, barn, and agricultural outbuildings at Daybreak Farm and Stock Ranch in Clark County, Washington. A sign reading, "Daybreak Farm," hangs above the barn entrance in the center of the photograph. A handwritten description on the back of the photograph reads, "Daybreak Stock Ranch - newly developed enterprise in Clarke [sic] County, Wa."

Dorothy Reed at Columbia County Centennial Fair

Dorothy Reed washes her horse, Flicka, in preparation for the Columbia County Centennial Fair in St. Helens. She holds the horse’s bangs with both hands while she stands in a wooden corral area. This photograph was published in the Oregon Journal on Friday, August 6, 1954 (negative 1 of 11).

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998


Photograph of a farmhouse and windmill in a dry landscape. A hill behind the house is dotted with sagebrush. A wood fence on the right forms a corral. A buggy sits in front of the house. On the right there is a partial view of a corral.

Dairy farm, Washougal, Washington

Photograph showing a line of cattle walking up a ramp toward a barn in Washougal, Washington. Three adults and a child stand at the top of the ramp, in the entryway to the barn. Handwritten note on the back of the print reads, "Palmer Dairy Farm at Washougal, Wash. 18 miles from Vancouver, Wash. Situated on the Columbia River and North Bank Ry." Second handwritten note reads, "Dairy Farm, Southwestern Washington." Stamp on the back of the print reads, "From Passenger Department, The North Bank Road, Portland, Ore."

Barn scene, Central Oregon

Photograph showing a man standing in front of a barn and holding a horse by the reins in Central Oregon. The man looks at the horse while the horse looks at the camera. Beyond the barn is a desert landscape. Two dogs are on the left. This photograph is attributed to Benjamin Gifford.

Gifford, Benjamin A.

Dairy farm near Vancouver, Washington

Photograph showing a view of a dairy farm near Vancouver, Washington. View includes a farmhouse, barn and grazing cattle. A woman and child stand in the garden in front of the farmhouse. Three horses and buggies are visible in the photograph. The North Bank Railroad runs behind the farm. The Columbia River flows in the background. Handwritten note on the back of the print reads, "S.D. Durgan Dairy farm 1 mile east of Vancouver, Wash. North Bank R.R. showing in picture."

Fort Crook, Shasta County, California

Two photographs of of the corral and officer quarters at Fort Crook in Shasta County, California taken by Edward Perry Vollum. The two prints are glued to a single sheet of bristol board. Handwritten captions on the front of the page read, "Fort Crook, Shasta County, California," and, "Photographed by Dr. Edward Perry Vollum an associate of Lt. Lorenzo Lorain." Handwritten captions on the back of the page read, "Corral, Fort Crook, Cal." and, "Officer Quarters at Fort Crook, Cal."

Vollum, Edward Perry, -1902