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Paulus, Norma

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  • Person
  • 1933-2019

Norma Paulus (1933-2019) grew up in Burns, Oregon, and worked as a lawyer in Salem, Oregon. She served as Oregon's superintendent of public instruction and Secretary of State, and she ran unsuccessfully for governor in 1986. She later served as the executive director of the Oregon Historical Society.

Frank, Gerry

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  • Person
  • 1923-

Gerry Frank is an author and a member of the Frank family, a Portland, Oregon family, who founded Meier & Frank. He opened and managed the Meier & Frank store in Salem, Oregon. He is best known for his work with Senator Hatfield.

Denver Post

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Green, Alan, 1925-

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  • Person
  • 1925-2001

Alan "Punch" Green (1925-2001) was a life long member of the Republican party, serving as chair of the campaign for Presidents Ford, Reagan, George Bush Jr and Sr, as well as Oregon statewide candidates such as Gov. Vic Atiyeh and Senator Gordon Smith. He spent two terms being the president of the Port of Portland. President Reagan named him the chairman of the Federal Maritime Commission in 1981. In 1989, President George Bush made him the Ambassador to Romania.

Brady, Mathew B., approximately 1823-1896

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  • 1823-1896

Brady first learned the art of photography in 1841, where he studied with Samuel B. Morse at the New York Academy of Design and at Morse's own daguerreotype school. Brady opened a daguerreotype studio in New York City, New York in 1844, where over the years he concentrated on portraits, most notably famous contemporary Americans, such as the statesman Henry Clay. In 1847, with his business flourishing, Brady opened another portrait studio in Washington, D.C. In 1860, Brady opened the largest of his galleries, called the National Portrait Gallery, and in that year took his first of many famous portraits of Abraham Lincoln. In 1861, Brady requested permission to document the Civil War. From 1861 to 1865, he organized teams of photographers attached to all parts of the United States Army who documented battles, officers and equipment. Brady and his team were able to cover all the battles and events of the war, which include portraits of Generals Grant and Lee, as well as unflinching images of dead soldiers. Brady approached the state concerning purchasing his collection, but it wasn't until 1875, after a vote in Congress, that the War Department of the United States purchased part of his Civil War collection of glass negatives. The purchase came too late, as Brady was reduced to poverty, selling the last of his galleries in 1895.

Portland General Electric Company

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  • 1888-

Portland General Electric Company was founded as Willamette Electric Company in 1888 by Edward L. Eastham and Parker F. Morey. Beginning with a hydro-electric generating plant on Willamette Falls, Station A, the company grew quickly. It acquired many of the other electrical interests in the Oregon City area and in 1892 it was reorganized as Portland General Electric. Between 1892 and 1906, PGE acquired many other small electrical utilities and electric railroads, growing its holdings rapidly.

In 1906, the company once again reorganized itself as Portland Railway Light & Power Company. It operated several electric streetcar lines, including an extensive system in the city of Portland. Ridership fell in the late 1920s and the company again reorganized itself into Portland Electric Power Company (PEPCO), with two subsidiaries: Portland General Electric as the electric utility and Portland Traction Company as the railroad. PEPCO went into bankruptcy in 1939, ultimately selling all of its railroad holdings to the Portland Transit Company in 1946 and reorganizing one final time into Portland General Electric (PGE) in 1948. It was bought by Enron in 1997 but as of 2006 PGE is independent.

PGE built many power generating plants in both Oregon and Washington. These plants were primarily hydro-electric, but they also built several steam plants, a gas plants, a coal-fired plant and a nuclear power plant

Brodie, Donald W.

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Donald W. Brodie is a professor of law at University of Oregon.

Granberg-Michaelson, Wesley

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  • Person
  • 1945-

Reverend Wesley Granberg-Michaelson (1945- ) was born in Chicago, Illinois. He was general secretary for the Reformed Church in America. He was on the foreign policy staff of Senator Mark Hatfield. He was also managing editor of the social justice magazine Sojourners, 1976-1980.

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